Quick Tip: How To Fix The Tips On Piped Buttercream Dots

how to fix piped buttercream dots on cakes

dots wedding cake with blue gumpaste hydrangeas and dragonflies

If you want to do a piped dot border on a buttercream cake instead of using fondant pearls, you need to make sure the dots are dots, and not dots with points on them.

Yes, it’s hard to pipe non-tippy round dots. So don’t bother, just make sure to fix them.


cake piped dots


cake piped dots

This looks a lot better!

How to fix the tips on the dots.

To fix the tips on the dots, work fast and don’t let the icing crust over.

Using a damp fingertip, gently tap the tip of each pointy dot and press them down.

It’s a lot easier if you can get the points as small as you possibly can to begin with, and that’s just a matter of practicing.

Before you start piping, do a test run on a piece of waxed paper or a plastic cutting board to get the rhythm of piping a row of dots.

If the dots are too pointy, the icing might be too stiff. You can add a little more liquid to it to soften the icing.

When you start piping the dots, do one row and then soften any tips right away.

That will give you the best result, as opposed to waiting for all of them to be piped then doing it, since crusted icing is harder to press down smoothly.

If you used meringue buttercream it won’t be as critical to do it as fast, since it doesn’t crust over!

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