Author name: Kara

I'm Kara Buntin, and I own A Cake To Remember LLC, which is an online cake decorations and supplies business. I used to own a custom wedding cake business for 20 years, and now I bake for fun (and to eat bread and cookies.) I have a certificate in Pastry Arts and I like baking more than cooking. I'll be adding recipes to this blog, including some of the ones that I used in my wedding cake business. For my main website where I sell printed wafer paper, cake decorations, and silicone fondant molds, go to That's where I have a blog that's specifically about the things that I currently sell, so the wafer paper and silicone mold articles are mostly over there. For baking and cake decorating articles, this is the place to be. If I sell a product that I use in any of the projects on this blog I'll link to it in the article. I have over 25 years of experience in running a home-based business, both the local and online versions. I’ve also taught other home-based businesses how to start and succeed since the early 2000’s, and I published my first book on the subject of home-based business. My YouTube channel for my cake decorations business is at A Cake To Remember. I also have a hobby blog for gingerbread houses and dollhouses that’s located at My work has been featured on multiple websites and on news outlets through the years, and I’ve been interviewed on various business and cake decorating topics on outlets ranging from MSNBC online to Martha Stewart Weddings.

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