Quick Tip: Baby Shower Cake Topper Gumpaste Baby Shoes Tips

how to make gumpaste baby shoes

Those little gumpaste baby shoes that go on the top of baby shower cakes can be a lot more time-consuming than they look.

gumpaste baby shoes

It doesn’t help if you’ve never made any before, as I found out the hard way.

This is my advice about what to pay attention to so that you can experience an error-free process when you put the shoes together.

baby shoes template

First, start with a pattern.

There are plenty online, but I used a pair of my baby shoes to make one.

Aren’t they cute? I like the bells, I must have been fast and sneaky so my mother needed to hear where I was.

gumpaste baby shoes

First thing…When you cut the patterns out, make sure that you remember to poke out the holes when the patterns are flat on the counter.

I, of course, did not, so I had to poke them out after I’d attached them to the soles.

gumpaste baby shoes

When you attach the front of the shoe to the sole, the toe part can get flattened out.

I’ve seen a lot of gumpaste baby shoes that are just flat like that, but I wanted them to be rounder.

gumpaste baby shoes

I thought that when I added the trim on the bottom it would be fuller, but after I’d added the toe part and the trim it still looked too flat.

gumpaste baby shoes

 Sooooo… I peeled off the ridged toe part and added a roll of gumpaste to fill in the toe area and round it out.

gumpaste baby shoes

Then I re-covered the toe with flat white, since I liked that better than the ridged.

Because I’d already added the strip at the base of the shoe, it made it more difficult than it needed to be. So remember to add something to fill out the toe before covering it.

gumpaste baby shoes

Paint the little eyelets with silver…

gumpaste baby shoes

And add the laces.

But wait! Notice how I did the laces?

Yes, I did them wrong, the same way I always lace up new shoes the wrong way and have to take them out and re-do them.

At least I’m consistent.

gumpaste baby shoes

So make sure that you lace them up the right way to begin with unless you enjoy removing and replacing tiny strips of gumpaste into little holes.

Those are the things that I screwed up on these, so I thought I’d put the warning out there for those issues.

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