Blue and Coral Wedding Cakes

Blue and coral or orange is a fairly popular color combination for weddings.

It can be beachy or modern, and the blue by itself can be combined with orange flowers to create the color scheme.

The colors on their own are also popular, so here is an assortment of cakes that had blue, teal, or coral in their color schemes.


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coral and teal wedding cake

This wedding cake was based on a photo that the bride brought me…it featured large coral colored fantasy flowers made with a peony cutter, and little blue fondant filler flowers.  

I put some wafer paper butterflies on fondant to give them stability and added those to the cake.

coral and teal wedding cake detail

teal bands with orange orchides square wedding cake

This square cake with blue fondant bands and orange gumpaste orchids was a simple design with no other details on the tiers, but the bright colors are a nice detail by themselves.

teal and green wedding cake square tiers

I added this one in because of the teal blue color, which was fun on the buttercream cake.

It was covered in buttercream and the colored details on it were cut out of fondant and surrounded by piped buttercream dots in the same teal color as the icing.

teal tiers ombre peacock feathers wedding cake

This blue cake had different shades of blue buttercream on each tier, and silver gumpaste orchids with gumpaste peacock feathers.

sugar coral

teal bubble wedding cake with range royal icing coral

This cake had literal coral on it, well, royal icing coral. But the color combination of blur and orange made literal sense in this design.

scrollwork cake blue with fresh flowers

This cake had classic buttercream scrollwork and blue fondant bands on the base of the tiers, plus pink and coral fresh roses.

orange bands and gumpaste flower cascade wedding cake

The orange color on this one was in the bands at the base of the tiers and in some of the gumpaste flowers.

copper piped buttercream wedding cake

This light orange buttercream cake had darker orange scrollwork piped on it in buttercream.

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orange wedding cake with gold and silver edible sequins

This orange fondant cake had edible sequins on it that were made with edible gold leaf, and some that were made with edible silver leaf.

blue drape cake with pink chocolate roses

This one was more pink than coral, but the roses had an orange tint, so I included it!

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blue square tiers wedding cake with green gumpaste orchids

This square-tiered cake was an ocean-y blue with green orchids. Not coral, but still good for a beachy summer wedding cake.

orange and blue ombre ruffle wedding cake

This coral and blue ruffle wedding cake was a combination of the two colors, one each on top and bottom, and both in the center.

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