How To Make Fondant Ribbon Roses and Pearls

easy fondant ribbon rose tutorial

I made this wedding cake with fondant ribbon roses and thought that it was a design that would work for more than weddings.

pink cake

A smaller version of this wedding cake would be pretty for a Valentine’s Day cake, and it’s pretty simple to make, too. 

The ribbon roses are made from fondant and the oval-shaped pearl beads are also, but you could make them from gumpaste if you prefer. 

pink cake

You want to be able to roll the fondant out fairly thin so that you can fold it and it still won’t be too thick.

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How to make the fondant pearls.

Here’s the process of making the flowers and the pearls:

Roll out pieces of fondant into oval shapes and let them dry.

fondant pearl

fondant pearl drop

teardrop fondant pearls

How to make the fondant flowers.

Roll out some strips of fondant and cut them into pieces that are about 8 inches long and 1″ wide.

rolling out fondant

fondant strips

Fold the top 1/3 of the edge of the strips over onto themselves, using a little water to make it stick.

folding over the fondant strips

Roll the strips up with the folded edge on top to give it a smooth appearance. 

Roll it fairly tightly so that the edges are against each other and the flower isn’t very open. I made mine about 1″ in diameter.

rolled up fondant strip

making a fondant ribbon rose

fondant ribbon rose

Pinch the end when it’s rolled up to seal it shut.

fondant ribbon rose

fondant ribbon rose

Using your fingers, gently spread the edges open a little to give it some movement. 

You won’t be able to get them very far apart, but just get them slightly opened up in a few spots.

fondant ribbon rose

Brush the ribbon roses with a few different shades of petal dust and pearl dust.

dusting the ribbon rose

fondant ribbon rose

You can make some smaller ribbon flowers by rolling unfolded strips and pinching them in half to make shorter roses. 

This will make them smaller in diameter because there won’t be a folded edge to make the top edge as wide.

smaller ribbon rose

fondant ribbon rose

fondant ribbon rose

fondant ribbon rose

Dust the pearls with pearl dust.

fondant ribbon rose

To pipe the pattern on, I’d use pink for a Valentine’s design and change the little leaf pattern between the scallops and the roses to hearts:

chart for ribbon rose cake

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