Classic White Wedding Cakes With Roses, Fresh and Sugar

These classic and elegant white wedding cakes with roses will give you some wedding cake design ideas for your reception. Whether they’re made into a simple floral cake design with white and pink roses, on a cake with 2 tiers, 3 tiers or more…Roses are a pretty and feminine choice for flowers for wedding cakes.

This assortment of wedding cakes that I made when I was doing custom cakes will give you some ideas about wedding cake designs that you can use for your own wedding.

36 classic white wedding cakes with roses

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wedding cake with white chocolate roses

This cake had white chocolate roses and white chocolate bands around the base of the tiers.

It was covered in buttercream, and the roses and leaves were made of modeling chocolate, which is a combination of white chocolate and corn syrup.

wedding cake with gumpaste flowers and pleated fondant borders

This cake was covered in fondant and it had a pleated fondant border at the base of each tier.

The roses are made of gumpaste and brushed with blue petal dust to give them the blue color, and there were white fondant balls that had pearl dust brushed on them to give them the shine.

wedding cake with funny topper and gumpaste flowers

This buttercream cake had gumpaste roses and daisies, and a piped border at the base of each cake tier.

blue gumpaste roses wedding cake with silver ribbon loops

This five-tiered cake was covered in buttercream and had fondant pearls at the base of each of the cake tiers.

The roses on this cake were made of gumpaste and airbrushed to be blue so that there was a variety of blue color on it.

It also had white gumpaste butterflies and silver ribbons inserted into the floral cascade to pick up the bride’s blue and silver color scheme.

red roses and white fondant peat borders wedding cake

This buttercream cake was a variation on the one above that had blue roses and a pleated fondant layer at the base of each cake tier.

It had white gumpaste calla lilies and the same pearlized fondant balls that the cake shown above had.

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red roses and lace overlays wedding cake

This cake was covered in layers of fondant that were cut into an eyelet pattern, then overpiped with royal icing.

The roses and berries on it were made from red gumpaste and the leaves were green gumpaste.

red roses and snowflake wedding cake

This winter-themed wedding cake had red gumpaste roses that were brushed with silver luster dust on the edges of the petals to give them a little bit of a shine.

It also had white piped royal icing snowflakes inserted into the floral cascade.

white wedding cake with blue chocolate roses

I think that this cake must have been a variation on the one that appears above, that also had blue roses and white gumpaste butterflies.

The roses on this cake were made from gumpaste, and then airbrushed to get the darker blue color.

Sometimes airbrushing is the only way to get a dark color that won’t fade.

white wedding cake with ivory borders and lavender gumpaste roses

This minimalist wedding cake had a white fondant base, ivory satin ribbons wrapped around the cake, and lavender gumpaste roses with pale green gumpaste leaves.

pink and green wedding cake with piped roses on tiers and vining green

This pretty little wedding cake was covered in buttercream and piped with a vining green leaf design around the center of each cake tier.

It had royal icing flowers attached to the sides of the cake, and gumpaste roses on the top of the cake to match.

plain white wedding cake with fresh red roses on the tiers

This simple wedding cake had smooth buttercream icing and silk flowers on the top of the cake and scattered on the edges of the tiers.

white buttercream wedding cake with piping and fresh red roses in pillars

This wedding cake had fresh red roses on the top of the cake and in between the top and second tier from the top.

The sides of the tiers were piped with a vining floral design, and petals from the roses were scattered on the edges of the tiers.

pillars wedding cake with white ribbon borders and pink gumpaste roses

This simple wedding cake with a gumpaste rose cascade had pillars between the top and second tier, which makes it easy to remove the top tier and save it for the first anniversary.

The flowers on this cake were made from gumpaste, and it had a white satin ribbon wrapped around the base of each cake tier.

Pillars wedding cake with fresh roses between the pillars pink and ivory

This wedding cake had pillars in between each cake tier so that I could insert flowers in between them.

This is a really pretty look, but it takes a lot of flowers, and you need to make sure that you’re using a variety that aren’t going to wilt very quickly.

If you use flowers that need a lot of water, you might end up with flowers in between the tiers that are wilted and don’t look as nice as when it’s first set up by the time you cut the cake.

white wedding cake with pink and orange gumpaste roses and white pleats

This is another version of the wedding cake that has the fondant pleats at the base of the tier.

This one Incorporated some peach colored roses into the cake design, which is a nice color, but isn’t used as commonly as the pink and red roses.

white wedding cake with fresh red roses between the tiers

This is another example of a pillared cake that has flowers in between each cake tier.

This is a very elegant and rich look, but it does come with a more expensive price tag, too.

If I remember correctly, this took 12 dozen roses to give it that full look, because they weren’t very open. If you get flowers that are more open you won’t need as many, but that’s really hard to gauge. Always buy more flowers than you think you need if you want to achieve this look.

white square wedding cake with pped ruffles and sugared roses

This cake had sugared roses on the cake tiers.

Sugaring flowers is a really nice way to give the cake an old-fashioned and feminine look. You can do the sugaring ahead of time, and the flowers will stay preserved for a certain amount of time before they start to fade.

white gumpaste roses cascade wth piped buttercream patterns

This buttercream cake had piped designs all over the tiers and white gumpaste roses flowing down the sides of the cake in a cascade.

red silk roses on a white wedding cake

This is another example of a cake that had silk roses on it, which was a way that the bride cut some of her costs.

Because this cake had the fondant eyelet overlays on each tear, it was going to be very expensive to add the flowers onto it once you add the cost of decorating it the way that she wanted.

To cut her costs a little bit, she opted to pay for the decorating of the cake, and to use the silk flowers instead of real ones or handmade gumpaste.

piped buttercream patterns wedding cake with red fresh roses

This piped buttercream cake had real rosebuds on it and a topper made from red roses and white and green filler flowers.

The design on the cake tiers was copied from the bride’s gown.

orange gumapste roses wedding cake with autumn colors

This buttercream wedding cake had a vining pattern piped around the center of each cake tier, and arrangements of gumpaste roses and other flowers in symmetrical positions on each cake tier.

This was clearly for a fall wedding, and it’s a good example of how you can incorporate fall colors into your wedding cake and still keep a traditional look.

chocolate roses and drapes wedding cake

This wedding cake was created by making white chocolate roses and white chocolate drapes, and by covering the cake entirely in random patterns.

White chocolate is a really nice way to make sugar roses, but it’s really not appropriate unless you’re going to have an indoor wedding in a climate-controlled environment.

I’ve seen wedding cakes that had white chocolate flowers that were left outside on really hot days, and the flowers basically melted and looked terrible.

If you’re going to have an outdoor reception please make sure that the type of decorations you have on your cake are going to hold up in the heat!

yellow roses cake

This simple piped cake had designs piped on each cake tier, and it had gumpaste flowers on the top tier and between the top and the second tier.

Having the top tier on pillars is a nice way to put flowers in between that space and fill it in a little bit with some color.

It also makes removing the top tier very easy, as I previously mentioned, so that you can save the top tier for your first anniversary if you want to do that.

red roses wedding cake

This simple wedding cake had red fondant bands at the base of each tier, and red gumpaste roses on the top and scattered on some of the corners of the cake.

red roses and black piping wedding cake

This three-tiered wedding cake with large red roses on the front is a variation on the expanded flower trend.

Instead of having one large expanded rose that covers the entire cake, I did three smaller ones that covered each tier individually.

To coordinate with the bride’s red and black theme I piped black designs behind each large flower.

purple roses wedding cake

This cake had large gumpaste roses and purple bows made from fondant on each tier.

To get the purple color of the flowers, I had to airbrush them and then dust them with petal dust so that the color would set and not fade.

Purple is a very difficult color to keep from fading, so if you’re going to use that on your cake please make sure that you’re decorator knows all of the right tricks to keep the color from changing to blue!

peach roses cake rustic wedding

Pretty rustic buttercream iced cake had peach roses and white filler flowers,vv including hydrangeas and daisies.

The flowers were all made from gumpaste.

swiss dots wedding cake with grey and blue gumpaste hydrangeas and white roses

This pretty little Swiss dot cake had white gumpaste roses and gray gumpaste hydrangeas.

If you make the flowers using gumpaste or any other sugar method, you can make them whatever color you want, and they don’t have to be botanically correct.

It’s a good way to incorporate your color theme into the cake without having to have color on the cake icing itself.

ivory piped cake with fresh roses

This pretty piped buttercream cake had fresh roses on top and flower petals scattered around the bottom of the cake.

small three tiered wedding cake with three gumpaste exploded roses

This is another example of the expanded flower trend with three flowers instead of one.

These flowers are all made out of gumpaste, so I could make the roses as large as I wanted by inserting gumpaste petals in behind the main center flower.

Extra petals were scattered on the tiers of the cake and around the base of the cake itself.

roses and thorns cake

This roses and thorns two-tiered cake was created to mimic a ceramic vase.

The flowers were made out of fondant, and they were painted with an edible luster paint to give them that shiny glazed look.

blue drape cake with pink chocolate roses

This cake had a blue chocolate drape and pink chocolate clay roses going down the front of the cake.

Chocolate clay, or candy clay, tastes a lot better than fondant, and is pretty easy to work with as long as it’s not too cold.

big roses wedding cake

These extra-large gumpaste roses were a striking focal point on a simple white tiered cake.

I made them in an ombre pink color palette so they were darker at the bottom and got lighter as they went to the top.

white plain tiered wedding cake with fresh peonies

This plain white wedding cake had smooth buttercream icing and fresh flowers including roses and peonies all over the cake tiers and around the base of the cake.

white swiss dots wedding cake with fresh flowers

This white fondant cake had Swiss dots piped on the side, and was covered top to bottom with pink and peach rosebuds and dark green leaves.

piped white lace cake with fresh flowers

This piped buttercream cake had alternating lace designs and smooth white tiers, with a monogram piped on the top tier.

The flowers on this cake were fresh roses and filler flowers, including multiple shades of pink and white.

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