Quick Tip: Dusting Purple Gumpaste Hydrangeas

Okay…we all know that purple is the most heinous of colors because of its tendency to fade and change colors. The best way to get around this is to dust whatever it is that you want to stay purple.

blue gumpaste hydrangeas

These hydrangeas started out lavender. I dusted them first with a lighter purple/lavender color.

Then you dust the center with a little darker purple. For these I used French Lilac and Grape Crystal Colors dusts.

Make sure that when you dust the flowers you don’t extend the color all the way to the edge of the petal, and that you keep the darker color mostly in the center. But a little variation is good because no two flowers are the same anyway.

dusting the ribbon rose

Use a big, rounded, fluffy mop brush like a puffy powder makeup brush to make sure that the color isn’t too concentrated in one area.

gumpaste hydrangeas

Here’s the before and after of the non-dusted and dusted versions. By layering the color the purple looks more natural, and since it’s petal dust it won’t fade.

white wedding cake with mauve gumpaste hydrangeas

This cake had dusted gumpaste hydrangeas on it, so you can see how the different depths of color make the bunches more realistic.

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