Gingerbread Lighthouse Template Printable Download

I designed this gingerbread lighthouse pattern from a photo that I found online. It’s based on an octagonal design so that you can build it in sections and you don’t need to do any weird baking methods to create curves.

I did a cardboard mockup of this one as I designed the pieces to make sure that they fit together.

This one is very easy to make if you do it in sections.

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To download the pattern, click on the link at the bottom of the page. It can be printed on a regular 8.5×11″ letter-sized sheet, or an A4 sheet for a slightly smaller lighthouse. If you print it on A4, unclick the “fit to page” box on the printer box that comes up.

Cut out the individual pieces according to the pattern:


Start with the base and put that together:

gingerbread lighthouse mockup being assembled
Build the gingerbread lighthouse base.

Add the flat octagonal piece that creates the platform for the balcony on the top:

gingerbread lighthouse mockup being assembled
Add the balcony.

Assemble the little walls to the house that holds the light at the top:

gingerbread lighthouse mockup
Add the little house at the top.

Build the roof to put on the top of the lighthouse:

gingerbread lighthouse mockup being assembled
Build the roof.

Build the little entryway that attaches to the base of the lighthouse tower:

Build the entryway.
gingerbread-lighthouse-template mockup
Gingerbread lighthouse mockup.

Some of the tips that I’d give you when you want to assemble this design:

  • There’s a slight slant to the tower part, and that can be slightly difficult to put together. Take your time with this to make sure that the angles are even. You can draw an octagon on a piece of paper to use as a guide to make sure that everything dries evenly.
  • Do the same thing with the little roof on the very top. It might be difficult to put this together because of the slant. You can take some crumpled tinfoil or paper towels to support the roof in the right position to dry correctly.
  • You can cut out windows from the dough if you want to do that before baking them. The dotted lines on the template show where to do that, or you can make your own window shapes.
  • To make windows in the gingerbread house you can use sheet gelatin or melted clear candy.
  • Use a photo from the internet or another source for inspiration to decorate the lighthouse. You can use fondant or icing to cover it if you want it to be a specific color.
  • If you want to put an actual light in the top of the tower, you can use a small tealight that you can remove to turn on and off. Don’t attach the little house on the top of the house to the platform, then you can pick up up to put the light in and remove it later. If you have clear windows in it you’ll be able to see the light inside but it will be blurry-looking through the windows.
Gingerbread lighthouse template.

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