Grey and Silver Wedding Cakes

Silver wedding cakes are tricky because it’s hard to get a really metallic silver with food-grade materials.

A lot of silver luster dust has aluminum in it, so you can’t always get a silver that’s shiny.

Using grey is one solution, and using metallic elements in smaller areas on the cake can also work.

grey and silver wedding cake ideas

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silver piped and tiers wedding cake

This cake was one of those that had to have some compromising as far as the metallics were concerned. 

The bride and groom didn’t want fondant, but they wanted some metallics. 

I did the short tier in fondant and painted it with non-toxic silver. 

The rest of the cake was buttercream, and I piped the scallop pattern and painted it silver, then added some silver and shiny pink pearls to the top tier.

silver and pastel beaded lace wedding cake

This fondant cake was painted with silver edible food coloring paint, then had fondant beaded lace pieces applied to it and painted in pastel colors.

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silver glitter wedding cake

A small display cake with silver edible glitter and wafer paper hydrangeas.

snowflake wedding cake

This winter wedding cake had white and silver snowflakes on buttercream icing. 

grey fondant lace bands with birds wedding cake

This wedding cake had grey fondant lace on the tiers and yellow gumpaste hydrangeas.

grey and white ruffle and lace wedding cake

This wedding cake had grey buttercream with white piping and white fondant ruffles

loetz art glass wedding cake with silver details

This cake was inspired by the Art Nouveau period Loetz vases that had iridescent surfaces and pewter framework on them.

The first thing I had to do was figure out how to do an iridescent surface on the cake. It took a lot of luster dust and layering, but when I was done I was happy with the variations in color and texturing that the layers of color had created.

loetz art glass cake with silver details


Then I added the pewter-colored fondant pieces that I made using some molds from architectural elements. 

Those were painted with more luster dust and finished off the look. 

I made the patterns on opposing sides of the cake different but connected them all to create a framework that’s obvious as you walk around the cake.

grey piped wedding cake with orange gumpaste peony

This wedding cake had grey doily lace piped on it in buttercream. The cake itself was also covered with buttercream.

I got a lot of feedback on this when I posted it on facebook because of the piping. I thought this was kind of strange, but I guess that a lot of designs like this are done with molds and fondant now.

This was NOT difficult to pipe. It didn’t make my hand die, it wasn’t all over the surface of the cake…THAT would have been a lot of hand-hurting effort.

I did this pattern freehand since it was just a round shape, but you could take a real crocheted doily and press it gently into the icing to mark the design, then pipe over the pattern. 

Even if you don’t mark every detail it will give you enough to go on that you can do the pattern accurately. 

You can do the same thing with a piece of lace that has stitching details on it. Flatter lace won’t work, but as long as it has some thicker stitching on the edges that will mark your basic pattern.

white rustic wedding cake with white fantasy flowers

This one has rough strokes of icing and fantasy flowers made from tulip petals.

The centers of the flowers are covered with silver leaf, and I took some more silver leaf and put it here and there on the icing. You’ll need to remove that off of the cake before serving it!

Since the silver is real it has a good shine to it, which is something that you have to be careful with if you use silver luster dust. The combination of white and silver is a clean one and nice for a winter wedding.

swiss dots wedding cake with grey and blue gumpaste hydrangeas and white roses

This cake was a classic style with gumpaste flowers, but the hydrangeas were grey to match the bride’s color scheme. Nothing says everything has to be nature-realistic!

square tiers with grey stripes and chevrons

This one had fondant stripes in different patterns.

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