Quick Tip: Gumpaste Flower Vines For A Wedding Cake

Wedding cake design ideas pretty orchid vines

I did a cake that had vines of gumpaste flowers on the bottom two tiers.

They were combinations of orchids and freesia-type flowers on a stem.


To get this effect I used to dummies to make the vines.

I put a skewer in the center and attached a wire to the skewer so that I could see how long the vines had to be to make it from the top to the bottom of the tiers.

I hooked the flowers onto the wires and did enough to cover the whole cake the way that I wanted it.


I then removed the vines from the dummies, and pinched the stems with pliers to flatten out the wrapped flower stems.


After that I wrapped the stems with floral tape to make sure that nothing would move.

When I set up the cake at the reception site I put a skewer in the center, hung the vines on it, then put a flower on top of that to cover it up.

I filled in any empty spaces with more gumpaste, and there you have it!

wedding cake with gumpaste orchids vines

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