Haunted Halloween Gingerbread House Ideas

This haunted gingerbread house was made from a few different Halloween gingerbread house kits and some Halloween-themed candy.

You can DIY one yourself by combining kits and pieces of kits to make a bigger structure, and this one ended up being pretty fun to make.

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gingerbread house kits on the table

The kits that I used to build this house.

To make these house kits better, I used a pre-built haunted gingerbread house and three Oreo house kits for the haunted house. I didn’t have a plan other than wanting it to be tall, so it’s pretty freeform.

gingerbread house kit pieces put together to make a larger structure

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

I made the base out of one entire Oreo house kit plus some pieces from another one.

It was a random shape, and I used the roof sections to make a platform for the second floor with a support under them to keep it from collapsing.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

You can see the front and back sections from one kit at the front and back of the house on the bottom floor, and the two walls made the bottom wall on this side.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

This was the back of the house, and you can see the roof section from one of the kits making the wall on the second floor.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

This is the final side, and you can see the platform that the roof sections made to build the second and third floors on.

I also used another section to make a platform on the second floor so that I could put the final house on top.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

I added a bunch of candy eyes that came from a Halloween candy kit for making chocolate bark.

It had a lot of the different candy in the orange and purple colors, so I stuck with those to keep the Halloween feeling.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

The Halloween haunted house gingerbread kit had the little house on the very top and the round jack-o-lanterns that I added to the very top of the roof and the corners of the pointed front and back sections.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

The large eyeballs on the top of the houses were from the candy bark kits, and they fit perfectly on the pre-marked circles on the house kits.

I used orange and green jolly rancher candy to cover up the doors.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

There were brown and orange M&Ms on the edges of the roof and the walls, and I sprinkled Halloween sprinkles on all of the flat roof surfaces after adding royal icing to them to make everything stick.

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halloween haunted house gingerbread house

All of the window sections got candy bats and eyeballs in each windowpane.

I added little black gummy snakes (that looked more like leeches) to the edges of each wall like they were crawling up the house.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

Putting a few kits together was fun, and it was pretty easy to trim pieces of it with scissors to make them fit together.

It was pretty simple to match things up since I wasn’t trying to make everything super symmetrical. If you decide to do this you’ll have to figure out if you want the pieces to all fit together like a “normal” house.

If you do, you might need more kits so that the pieces can be trimmed into the right shapes.

halloween haunted house gingerbread house

The number of overhangs and pieces that stuck up on this haunted house made sense for a haunted house, but it might not for a different kind of design!

Don’t be afraid to just have fun with your gingerbread house, this wasn’t planned out in any way, shape or form. It took a couple of hours to put together, including staring at it to decide what candy I wanted to stick where on it.

If you want to do a thoroughly planned-out, highly designed house that’s fine, but you can also just play and have fun with it!

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