How to Attach Wafer Paper Wraps to a Fondant Cake Tier

how to attach wafer paper to cakes- easy cake decorating tips for beginners

When you attach a wafer paper wrap to the side of a fondant cake, you might run into a situation where the top edge of the tier is slightly higher or lower in different spots.

wafer paper cake wraps on a fondant cake

The tier might also have areas that are rougher or slightly indented, and if you attach the paper directly to the cake, those spots can make it difficult to apply the paper flat.

The solution to these situations is to attach the paper in a “floating” style, so that it’s glued to the top of the tier and to itself along the side of the seam, but not attached to the entire tier. 

This will give you an even edge around the top, and will give the visual impression of having a completely even top edge.

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How to attach the paper to the cake tier

cut a piece of wafer paper to fit the cake tier

Cut a strip of paper that’s the height of the tier. 

put corn syrup on the edge of the paper

Apply corn syrup or piping gel on the edges of the strip of wafer paper, and along the top edge of the paper, but about 1/4″ away from the edge. 

That way the paper will stick to the tier, but if there are any uneven spots the paper won’t be totally attached to them. 

It will skim the surface of the tier and disguise any imperfections.

press the top edge of the paper onto the cake

Press the wafer paper onto the cake tier at the top and on the sides.

Hold the paper in place until it sticks to the fondant.

Add more paper, overlapping the edges of the strips.

Attach another strip of paper to the first one and wrap it around the cake the same way.

The paper can also be attached to itself on the edges, then attached to the cake on the top edge alone. 

If you do attach the sides and the cake isn’t totally vertical on the sides you might need to trim the top edge to even it up.

Be careful with this method because if you grab the cake on the bottom or slide the cake board it could tear the wafer paper since it won’t be attached to the cake.

If you can put the cake on the final cake board before putting the wafer paper on it, or add the wafer paper after the cake is stacked, you can avoid moving it around too much and catching the bottom edge on anything.

This video shows the process:

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