Quick Tutorial: How to Make a Beer Mug Cake With A Pouring Beer Can

This was going to be a basic beer mug cake, but I decided to make it one of the ones that has the beer pouring into it.

This did NOT need any kind of special supports on the board, because the weight of an empty can isn’t going to do anything as far as ripping the cake apart goes!

pouring beer mug cake

This was two 6″ tiers stacked, wrapped in fondant and painted in the colors of the beer, mug and foam.

I inserted a sharpened dowel that had isomalt beer on the top into the cake, pushing the dowel through the center board the supports the upper tier.

That’s enough support to keep a beer can in the dowel without needed any kind of brackets, or anchoring the dowel to the base board.

If you were going to use a bottle or anything else with any kind of weight to it, you would need to anchor the “beer” dowel to the base board, which involves a lot more effort.

And power tools, most likely.

Stick with a can and you won’t have to do that.


The green dowel shows how the one that supports the beer can is placed through the center board.

That’s going to be enough to hold a can up.

I had about 4″ of dowel sticking out of the top of the cake, and I used isomalt to make the beer that was pouring into the mug.

You can also use modeling chocolate or fondant to make the beer.

Make it rippled instead of smooth to give it a more realistic “pouring” appearance.

I made the handle out of isomalt also, but gumpaste could also work for that.

Put skewers in the handles so that you can insert it directly into the cake.

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