How To Make A Polymer Clay Succulent (Or Gumpaste If You Prefer)

I was making some polymer clay items, so I took photos to show the process. I’ll go through the process for polymer clay, but this will work exactly the same for gumpaste.

polymer clay succulents

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The cutters that I used are from Sugar Art Studio, which has a lot of good, specialized cutters for specific flowers.

How to make a large succulent.

Cut out 7 of the longest petal and attach them to each other in the center.

Make a snake of tinfoil and form it into a ring.

Place that on top of the petals to support the next layer.

If you’re using gumpaste, moisten the center of the petals with gum glue before attaching each layer.

polymer clay succulent

Make the next two layers of petals the same way as the first, with a shorter petal cutter each time.

Alternate the petal placement so that they don’t sit exactly on top of each other.

polymer clay succulent

Add one more row of shorter petals and press down the center with a ball tool to firmly attach the layers of petals together in the center. 

polymer clay succulent

Using a small cutter, cut out three petals and attach them together in a Y shape.

polymer clay succulent

Press the center of the three petals into the center of the formed succulent and attach firmly by pressing down with a small ball tool.

polymer clay succulent

If you’re using polymer clay, bake the succulent according to the instructions on the clay.

If using gumpaste, let the succulent dry for at least a day before removing the tinfoil.

If the gumpaste isn’t dry when you remove the tinfoil supports it can make the petals sag, so don’t remove it if that happens.

Leave it supported for another day to make sure it will keep its shape.

polymer clay succulent

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Making smaller succulents.

gumpaste succulents

To make smaller succulents (these are gumpaste) you can use a combination of different flower cutters in graduated sizes. If you buy a set of them (check these out on Amazon) you can make three or four layers of the same shape in different sizes, and it’s a breeze to put them together.

gumpaste succulents

These were made with a set of small daisy cutters, with the shapes layered on top of each other. Pinch the smallest one in the center to make the petals stand up.

I wrote another article going over how to make these, you can read that here: How to make quick and tiny gumpaste succulents.

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