How To Make A Wafer Paper Rose

Making a wafer paper rose is a straightforward process of wrapping the petals around a center and creating overlapping rows. 

For this flower, I used 1 1/2″ rounds and 2″ rounds for the petals, and I used a 1-inch center styrofoam ball. 

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Materials needed to make wafer paper roses:

Start with the wafer paper rose center.

styrofoam ball for wafer paper flower center

Start with a 1″ wide styrofoam ball for the center.

add a wire to the styrofoam ball

Insert the wire in the center and attach it by bending the wire or by using hot glue to attach it.

cut out wafer paper petals

Cut out some 1.5″ rounds out of wafer paper.

cover the styrofoam ball with wafer paper

Cover the top of the ball with a circle of wafer paper and moisten it to stick it to itself It probably won’t stick to the ball, but the next steps will hold it in place.

start adding layers of wafer paper petals to the center

Wrap three more 1.5″ wafer paper circles around the center, facing the colored side out if the paper is printed. That way people will see the color around the center. The larger petals on the outside will face in so that people will see the color.

start adding layers of wafer paper petals to the center

Continue wrapping the petals around the center

create the rose center

Create more layers of petals until the rose is formed into a bud size. This will be about 3 rows of petals.

expand the rose by adding more petals

The finished rose bud should be dried for a while to give the center time to dry securely.

Start adding larger petals.

make some larger outer petals by cupping the wafer paper

The larger petals will go on the outside of the flower. Do two rows of about 4-5 petals that are cut and overlapped to create a slight curve in the petal. Make sure that the color of any printed paper faces toward the cupped side of the petal.

make some larger outer petals by cutting the wafer paper on one side

The cupped shape will fit around the bud and will start to give the flower an open shape. 

adding the larger petals to the flower

Place the base of the petal right up against the wire at the base of the flower.

shape the larger outer petals to extend off of the center

Wrap the petals around the flower, continuing all the way around to make two rows.

keep adding petals to the flower

Alternate the petals so that they don’t line up exactly, and the overlapping will make the flower look more realistic.

fit the last petals against the wire at the base of the flower

These two rows should fit against the base of the flower at the wire.

the finished wafer paper rose

When you’ve made two complete rows, you’ll have a fully-formed rose.

Add optional larger outer petals.

optional extra outer petals being added

To add more width to the flower, add more rows of petals, but you don’t need to cup these.

For an article about making a more realistic wafer paper rose, click here.

press the largest petals agaisnt the wire center

You don’t need to place these against the wire, just arrange them so that they extend slightly farther than the previous rows.

adding more petals

Keep adding more petals as you go around the flower.

the flower before shaping the outer petals

The final flower. To curl the outer petals, you can use steam to shape them.

the final wafer paper rose with shaped outer petal edges

Hold the rose over a pot of boiling water to soften the edges of the petals, and press them into a curled shape to make the edges rounded. 

The final flower’s petals should be shaped, but the inner ones don’t need to be steamed unless you want to give them a little shape.

Be careful holding the wafer paper in hot steam, it can burn you! 

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