How To Make A Wafer Paper Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies are a fast and easy flower if you make them using printed wafer paper.

You can also make them with gumpaste using wired petals that you paint with the pink color and specks on the petals, but the printed wafer paper petals that I have on my website are very simple to use and have the patterns printed already.

make an easy stargazer lily with wafer paper

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Supplies needed for wafer paper stargazers.

  • Printed lily petals or white wafer paper/card, petal dust and edible markers to add the color.
  • floral wire
  • edible glue
  • yellow petal dust
  • wafer paper conditioner
  • paintbrush
  • floral tape

Shop for materials to make wafer paper flowers on Amazon:

printed stargazer wafer paper petals

If you don’t have the printed petals, you can use regular wafer paper or wafer card (I prefer the card) and color it using magenta petal dust and a purple edible ink marker to make the dots.

If you’re doing them that way, cut out petals first, then color them, then go ahead from the point in the instructions where you attach the wire to the petals.

printed stargazer wafer paper petals 2

Start by cutting out the printed lily petals, or use white wafer paper and dust them to make your own. You can also make other colors of lilies.

Cut out some strips of paper to attach the wires. Use wafer paper glue to attach wires to the petals by sandwiching them between the petals and the strips on the uncolored reverse side of the petals.

bend the petals

Condition the petals and bend them into shape, or steam them, being careful not to touch the colored part.

Dry the petals over a curved form like a bottle. If you don’t have conditioner, just wire the petals all the way to the tip of the petal and bend the wire to shape them into a curve.

wire stamens

Make 6 stamens with hooked floral wire, edible glue and yellow petal dust. Tape them together to make the flower center.

wire the first three petals together


Tape the petals to the center. Arrange the petals so that the flower looks natural.

Place on a spring wedding cake as a focal flower

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