How To Make Edible Glue Out Of Fondant Or Gumpaste

One of the simplest edible glues to use if you’re working with fondant or gumpaste is to use that same fondant or gumpaste.

It will match the colors, and the sugar in the fondant will stick to itself pretty well.

how to make edible fondant glue for cake decorating

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folding over the fondant strips

How to make edible fondant or gumpaste glue.

You’re basically going to dissolve some of the fondant or gumpaste to make a glue. It doesn’t have to be very thick to do the job, either.

Plain water works to attach fondant to itself but this is a little stronger, so it will hold pieces that are on the larger side.

  1. Using the same gumpaste or fondant that you’re going to be gluing things to, take a small ball of it and add boiling water to it a little at a time. If you start with 1/2 tsp water 1 Tbsp fondant or gumpaste, you’ll be at a good starting point.
  2. Mash the ball into the water and continue adding boiled water bit by bit to dissolve the fondant or gumpaste until it’s the consistency of a thick paste.
  3. You can thin it out so that it’s spreadable like a thin paint, but the thinner it is the lighter the pieces you’ll be able to attach.
  4. If you keep this in a little jar you can leave it to thin out on its own, but stirring it will help.

gumpaste roses

What to watch out for.

  • Try not to apply the fondant glue to parts of the fondant that won’t be covered with other things. It can leave a shiny mark on the surface, or dry with some dimension to it and not look smooth.
  • This kind of glue isn’t the best choice for wafer paper or chocolate.
  • When you apply the glue to the surface of what needs to be glued together, don’t put too much on to make it too wet. The sugar can dissolve, so too much glue isn’t a good idea.
  • When you’re making gumpaste flowers, this kind of glue is good for attaching petals together. You can use plain water, but the added glue makes the bond a little stronger.

This kind of edible glue is easy to make and use, and it doesn’t take long to be ready. It’s a good choice for sticking fondant and gumpaste to itself when you’re decorating fondant-covered cakes or making gumpaste flowers.

Nother type of edible glue for fondant and gumpaste is gum glue…You can read about that here: How To Make Gum Glue

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