How to Make Gumpaste Raspberries

I did a cake with a ton of gumpaste raspberries on it last week, and someone asked if I used a mold.

 Heck yes I did, that would have been waaaaay too time-consuming otherwise!

Here’s a video on how to get the raspberries in and out of the mold:

Here’s a link to the molds: Raspberry mold

If you make them in the color that you want you’re pretty much done, but I think that dusting them a little will make them look better.

If you use white, dust them in the colors that they’ll be, and if they’re colored already dust them with a little extra color for depth.

gumpaste raspberry

Next, cut a calyx. I use the little Wilton cutter with five pointed petals.

This is white for demonstration purposes, but if you make them green it’s easier.

gumpaste raspberry

Thread the calyx onto the wire and flatten it against the raspberry using a little water or gum glue to adhere it.

gumpaste raspberry
gumpaste raspberry

Next, either steam the raspberry to set the color, or dip it into confectioner’s glaze. I like the glaze because it give them a shine.

gumpaste raspberry
gumpaste raspberry

Tap the berry on a paper towel to get rid of the extra confectioner’s glaze, then either hang it or insert the wire in a styrofoam block to dry.

gumpaste blackberries

Excess glaze can drip down the berry, so make sure to get rid of the extra.

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