How To Make Sugar Tomato Sauce For Pizza Cakes

There are a couple of ways to make tomato sauce for pizza cakes (or spaghetti cakes) but the important thing is to make sure the “sauce” will set up firmly enough that you’ll be able to use it the way that you need to without it dripping all over the place.

how to make sugar tomato sauce for pizza cakes

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gumpaste pizza for grooms cakes

One method is to use red glucose or corn syrup and spread that out like a sauce, or to use piping gel.

That works fine, but sometimes it won’t firm up enough, and depending on the heat it can soften up.

Another method is to use a thick but pourable gum glue.

This will firm up and be totally dry to the touch after a few days, but it won’t taste great, so there’s a tradeoff.

You’ll have to decide which method works best for your purposes.

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How to make the pizza sauce.

To make the gum glue, start with about a teaspoon of tylose, CMC, or Wilton Gumtex in a small container that you can seal with a lid so that it’s airtight.

Add some red food coloring, then start adding water bit by bit and stirring it with a fork.

Try to break up the lumps as much as you can, and keep adding water as needed.

You should probably start with a few tablespoons of water and add more as you need it to make the “sauce” the right consistency.

Just do it bit by bit so that it doesn’t thin out too much.

how to make tomato sauce for cake decorating

After you have the sauce pretty well mixed, let it stand overnight and the remaining lumps should dissolve.

how to make tomato sauce for cake decorating

If it’s too thick you can add some more water at this point. You want it to be thick but pourable.

Spread this like tomato sauce on the gumpaste pizza slice, put the “toppings” on the pizza by pressing them into the sauce, and let it set up for a few days.

gumpaste pizza

It will be sticky as it dries, but after a while it will set up and be dry to the touch.

gumpaste pizza

How fast that happens is going to depend on the humidity in your area and how thick it was to begin with, so it may take more or less time.

Give it at least a couple of days to gel up.

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