How To Make Tropical Wafer Paper Leaves

Edible wafer paper tropical leaf
Edible wafer paper tropical leaf

To make edible wafer paper tropical leaves like Monsteras and Elephant Ears, you need to get a solid dark green color, which can be difficult.

I came up with a multi-layered coloring process that’s messy, but gives a good result.

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Here’s the video of the process, then  read on for my tips:

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Tips for making edible tropical leaves for cake decorating:

  • This is a messy process, be prepared.
  • Using a tinted conditioner will give you a little color to start with.
  • Using wafer card is a good idea because it will hold up better than regular wafer paper.
  • A dark green candy color food coloring that’s oil-based will give you a good deep base color that won’t melt the paper.
  • Let each color dry out a little before applying the next layer, unless you’re using a wet color then alternating with a dry color. That will allow the wafer paper to dry out faster.
  • Don’t try to cut the paper if it’s really soft, let it set up a little to keep the leaf from melting!
  • Dusting with a deep forest green petal dust on top of the oil-based color sets the liquid color and fills in any gaps in the color, but it gives the leaf a matte finish. For a shinier surface, stop after the oil-based color.
  • You can also try applying some corn syrup to the surface of the leaf to give it a little gloss, but wait until it’s dry to do that. It will make the leaf stiff when it dries.
  • Use these as a filler in arrangements on jungle-themed cakes, or make some large unwired leaves as a focal point for a tropical luau cake.

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