How To Make Wafer Paper Cherry Blossoms

Wafer paper cherry blossoms are a pretty easy flower to make because they consist of the stamens and 2-3 layers of petals that create a fluffy-looking flower. 

You can make them using white or pink wafer paper, or even use other colors to make a generic blossom-type flower.

how to make wafer paper cherry blossoms

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Materials needed for the wafer paper cherry blossoms.

  • Wafer paper AD grade
  • Scissors or a paper punch
  • 30 gauge floral wire
  • Yellow petal dust
  • Floral tape
  • Edible glue or wafer paper conditioner

I like to use AD grade wafer paper for this type of wired petal since it’s not too thick when you put two pieces together, but it’s still a little more sturdy than O grade if you want to vein the petal.

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How to make the stamens.

1. Start with the stamens then make the petals while the stamen dries.

wires for making wafer paper flowers

2. Using 6 pieces of 30 gauge floral wire, twist them into a bunch with loose ends.

adding gum glue for the stamens

3. Add edible glue to the ends of the wires.

dip the stamens in yellow petal dust

4. Dip the gluey wires into yellow petal dust to create the yellow pollen on the stamens. Let the stamens dry while you make the petals.

Wire the petals.

adding gum glue to the petals to attach the wires

5. Using petals that you cut out of wafer paper with scissors or a paper punch, add edible glue or wafer paper conditioner on one side of a petal.

attach the wire to the paper

6. Add a wire to the sticky side of the petal.

sandwich the wires between the petals

7. Add another petal to the first one, attaching the wire between the two.

Color the petals.

dust the petals with pink petal dust

8. If you want to add some depth to the petals, you can dust with a magenta petal dust or add veins at this point.

Wire the flower together.

tape the petals together

9. Start taping the petals to the center, with three or four petals on the first row.

rrange the petals

10. Add another row of petals and tape them on.

trim the petals to size

11. Trim off any petals that are a little too long compared to the other ones.

the finished flower

12. Use the final flower on a wedding cake or in other wafer paper flower arrangements.

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