How To Make Wafer Paper Filler Flowers

Wafer paper filler flowers are easy to make, and this tutorial shows a quick way to create small flowers to include in edible arrangements on cakes. 

These can be made up ahead of time and stored until you need some to fill in spaces between larger flowers on wedding cakes.


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wafer paper filler flowers

How to make wafer paper filler flowers.


Wafer paper or precut wafer paper flowers (paper can be white or printed)

Petal dusts to color white paper (optional)

Water or vodka

Small paintbrush

Floral wire, 18-22 gauge

Wire cutters/needle nose pliers

Paper punches or scissors to cut out flower shapes

Rack to hang the wired flowers while they dry

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punching out wafer paper flowers

Start by cutting out the flowers.

Using paper punches or scissors, cut out small flower shapes. The paper punches I use are all about 1″ wide, and the flowers end up about 3/4″ across. 

To make smaller flowers either use a smaller punch to begin with, or don’t add as many layers of petals.

I usually end up using about 4 or 5 cut out flowers per wire, so to make smaller ones using 2 or 3 would work.

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22 gauge wire

hook the wire ends

Prepare the wires.

For these flowers, I used 22 gauge covered floral wire, but you could use a smaller wire if you wanted something a little more flexible. 

Cut the wires into pieces that are about 3″ or 4″ long, and bend one end into a little loop shape. 

It shouldn’t be too big, but it should have a loop in it so that the paper can be attached around it.

Bend all of the wires so that you have a stack to work with before you get started.

bottle of vodka to dampen the wafer paper

Get the water or vodka ready.

Put some water or vodka in a dish. I use vodka because it dries faster than water, but you can use either. 

Remember that you don’t want to add too much liquid to the flowers regardless of which type you use.

dampen the flowers

insert the wire into the flower

Start attaching the flowers to the wires.

Paint a little vodka or water on the back of one of the flowers. Paint the entire back, because this flower will encase the wire hook. 

insert the wire into the flower

fold the petals around the wire

Attach the flower to the wires.

Bend two of the petals up around the hooked end of the wire and press them together to encase the loop.  

Make sure that the wire is totally enclosed so that the wafer paper will really grip around the wire.

fold the petals around the wire

Fold the other petals around the wire to make the center. 

If they are too wet, they might collapse around the center, and if not, they’ll look slightly ruffly. Either way is fine!

add more layers of flowers

slide the flowers onto the wire

fold the petals up

Start adding more flower layers to the center.

Add some water or vodka to the flower center and about halfway up the petals for the first layer. If the paper is colored, put that side up so that the colored petals will be visible.

Thread the flower onto the wire and press the damp center and petals against the first layer of petals on the wire. 

Pinch and manipulate the petals so that they are definitely attached to the center and are arranged fairly evenly around the center.

Add one more layer the same way, and if you want it to be smaller you can stop there. To make the flower larger, add more layers of petals.

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add more petals

add more petals

add more petals

add more petals

add more petals

Add petals until the flower is the size that you like.

Continue to add more layers of petals until the flower is the size that you want it to be. Put a little liquid on the center of the flower and thread the wire through the center, then press it onto the back of the flower. 

I find that 4-5 layers of petals is usually enough unless the center petals were very small, then another layer might be needed. Making the flowers in a variety of sizes is a good idea so that you can have a variety of sizes to use.

press the flowers onto the wire

dry the flower upside down

Dry the flowers and store.

When you’ve added the final layer, press the paper onto the back of the flower to make sure that it’s all attached, then bend the wire into a hook. 

Hang the wire on a rack to dry it upside down so that the petals will dry toward the top of the flower and not fall backward.

After the flowers are totally dry, you can store them in a container to hold them until they’re needed. 

They should be stored at room temperature in a dry area, don’t refrigerate them. 

They can be stored for 2-3 years if they’re covered to prevent dust. It’s best to use them within a few months just to avoid having them dry out over time.

You can make these wafer paper flowers ahead of time and use them as needed. They make a nice addition to wafer paper or gumpaste flower arrangements on wedding cakes. 

Different shapes of the cutout flowers will make flowers that look slightly different, so play with them and see if different combinations of shapes make flowers that you like.

finished filler flowers

To watch a video of these being made, click here:

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