Elegant Lace Designs Wedding Cake Ideas

elegant lace designs wedding cake ideas with photos of cakes

Lace and wedding cakes are a classic combination, whether the lace is piped on or made from an edible cake lace mix.

Here are some wedding cakes that I made that had lace on them, most of them piped with buttercream.

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Lace and pearls wedding cake.

This cake had pale yellow icing with white lace piped onto the tiers.

lace and pearls tall wedding cake

The pearls were made from fondant and dusted with pearl dust.

For an article showing how I made the fondant pearls so that they were all the same size, click here.

I piped this on freehand, using a piece of lace as a guide for the pattern. 

When you pipe lace it’s usually a good idea to mark off some main guidelines for yourself to follow to keep the scale of each piece equal to the others. 

Also, only put a small amount of icing in the piping bag so that the heat from your hands doesn’t soften the icing since you want the lines to be crisp.

Simple lace cake with fresh flower topper.

piped lace cake

This wedding cake had a simple white-on-white lace pattern piped onto it, and a fresh flower topper.

When you’re using fresh fowers on cakes always make sure to take some food-safety precautions (I go over them in this article.)

Black piped lace cake.

black buttercream piped lace wedding cake

This wedding cake had a contrasting black lace on white icing design.

Make sure that you’re handing colored icing the right way so that it doesn’t bleed onto the white icing, but remember that you’re always taking a risk that that might happen!

White-on-white is safest, but this design is visually striking, so it’s worth the risk!

Piped grey doily wedding cake.

grey piped wedding cake with orange gumpaste peony

This one has grey buttercream doily-style patterns piped on each tier.

I like the use of grey on wedding cakes since it’s a nice neutral that can work with a lot of other colors.

For more grey wedding cakes, click here.

White-on-white piped lace wedding cake.

piped buttercream lace with blue gumpaste hydrangeas

This three-tiered wedding cake had a loose Alencon-style lace piped onto it, and it had purple and grey gumpaste hydrangeas.

My customers preferred buttercream to fondant in general, so I piped a lot of lace.

I also made a lot of gumpaste hydrangeas for cakes since they’re a popular flower but they’re toxic and also need a lot of water to keep from wilting.

Using gumpaste takes care of both of those problems.

Cake with lace pattern from the wedding dress.

white piped lace buttercream wedding cake

This four-tiered wedding cake was covered with piped lace that was based on the bride’s wedding dress.

Using the dress as the basis for the cake design is a pretty common thing to do, and it ties the design together.

All-over lace pattern wedding cake.

elaborate piped lace wedding cake

This was one of my all-time favorite wedding cakes because it was so simple, but also very complicated at the same time.

It was covered in the lace pattern from the bride’s dress, with no flowers on it.

Those would have distracted from the piped lace, which was the focal point (and which took a long time to do!)

Grey fondant lace wedding cake

grey fondant lace bands with birds wedding cake

This wedding cake had a grey fondant lace wrap around the base of each tier, and yellow gumpaste hydrangeas with two gumpaste birds.

Lace presses are a nice way to get a fast lace pattern instead of piping the design onto the cake, but you have to be careful about how you apply it to the cake so that it doesn’t stretch.

Fondant applique lace cake.

single tier lace wedding cake with pink gumpaste peony

This vintage-look lace cake was part of a cake display with three single tiers.

The lace on this one was cut from a lace press and outlined in buttercream to give it some dimension.

The applique effect makes a simple single tier cake visually interesting and wedding-ready.

Piped fondant lace wedding cake.

small lace cake square tiers dropped wedding cake

This little cake was covered in fondant, then the lace effect appliques were applied by cutting out individual fondant pieces and overpiping them.

This cake has a terrible story that went along with it, but it turned out fine in the end.

The cake was going to be picked up by the mother-of-the-bride because I wouldn’t have been able to deliver it based on my schedule.

I built it solidly for transport and she picked it up, then called me later to tell me what happened.

The cake made it to the reception site fine, and the box was placed on the cake table.

Well, along came the father of the bride, who wasn’t aware that the cake was in the box, and he tried to help by picking the box up and dropping it on the ground to get it out of the way.

With the cake still inside it.

Oh my God.

So as the MOB cried and the FOB saw his life flash before his eyes, they opened the box to see the destruction.

Turns out that the combination of dowels, tuffboards, cold cake, non-skid mat and fondant worked together to keep the cake in one piece, if just a little compressed from the impact.

They were able to press some things back into place and display the cake with no problems.

Look at the photo and notice that the cake was still in the same place that I put it in the box, just shifted slightly to the right on the lower tier.

Thank you, non-skid mat.

dropped cake box

Piped buttercream lace wedding cake.

piped lace with silver bands wedding cake fresh flowers

This piped lace wedding cake had a scalloped edge on the bottom and silver pearls inserted into the icing here and there, with a thin silver ribbon at the base of each tier.

It had a fresh flowers cake topper.

tall lace wedding cake with pink gumpaste peonies

This four-tier wedding cake had an all-over piped buttercream lace design with two gumpaste peonies in a light pink color as the only color on the tiers.

layered fondant lace with vintage cameo wedding cake

This cake had a vintage-inspired feel with a cameo on the top tier and fondant lace layered on the bottom.

For more wedding cake photos, check out the wedding cake section of the blog.

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