Orange And Burnt Orange Wedding Cakes For Fall Weddings

Orange, burgundy, and burnt orange wedding cakes are popular colors for fall weddings. I did a lot of cakes for rustic fall weddings, and many of the brides wanted to have an elegant wedding cake that matched their fall wedding color schemes.

These are some of the wedding cakes that matched the fall wedding aesthetic, ranging from casual to sophisticated, and using a lot of shades of orange.

burnt orange wedding cakes

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Burnt orange gumpaste calla lilies.

wedding cake with orange gumpaste calla lilies

This pretty cake had clusters of burnt orange calla lilies with burgundy in the center of each flower. It also had a rhinestone bling wrap on the center tier and a blingy monogram cake topper.


Burnt orange flowering vines wedding cake.

wedding cake with red orange vining flowers gumpaste

This autumn wedding cake had vines made of burnt orange gumpaste flowers all over it. The white tiers were plain other than the flowers, and there was a simple snail trail piped at the bottom of each tier.

Orange and burgundy roses wedding cake.

orange gumapste roses wedding cake with autumn colors

This fall wedding cake had a simple vining pattern piped in buttercream around the center of each tier, and clusters of orange and burgundy gumpaste flowers on each tier.

I brushed the flowers with multiple shades of orange to give them some dimension, and added burgundy gumpaste berries along with orange gumpaste hydrangeas as the filler flowers.

Topsy turvy orange and burgundy wedding cake.


This topsy turvy cake had burgundy and orange stripes on the top and bottom tieres, and piped designs on the center tier. The icing was buttercream, and the stripes were made from fondant.

Orange and gold wedding cake.

orange wedding cake with gold and silver edible sequins

This wedding cake had orange fondant and gold and silver edible sequins that I made from gumpaste and wafer paper. The bottom tier was a double-barrel and the top tier was 1 1/2 times the normal tier height.

Orange expanded rose wedding cake.

orange exploded flower wedding cake

This wedding cake was off-white and had an orange expanded gumpaste rose that spread from the top tier to the bottom. It’s a dramatic look but also simple, since there wasn’t any other piping or texture on the tiers other than a small strip of bling wrap.

Fall wedding cake with burgundy and orange brush embroidery.

brush embroidery wedding cake in fall colors

This square wedding cake had orange burgundy and forest green brush embroidery on the middle tier, and purple piped bands at the bottom of the tiers.

Autumn leaves wedding cake.

gumpaste leaves and vines on a wedding cake

This autumn themed wedding cake had orange, burnt orange and brown gumpaste leaves on branches all over the cake.

Brown and orange leaves wedding cake.

chocolate brown bands and gumpaste leaves wedding cake

This autumn wedding cake had chocolate bands at the base of each tier and orange gumpaste leaves, including maple and oak leaves. I airbrushed these to give them a deep color.

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Wafer paper autumn leaves wedding cake.

wafer paper leaves on a cake

This rustic wedding cake had wafer paper leaves in a cascade on the tiers. Since these are printed on wafer paper they’re thin like real leaves, and they look realistic because I used photos of real leaves to make them.

You can get them on my website here: wafer paper autumn leaves.

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Fall wedding cake with callas.

autumn colors callas square tiers

This square tiered wedding cake had real satin ribbons on each tier, and gumpaste callas in burgundy and orange tones.

If you want to use satin ribbon on a buttercream cake, you can rub them with crisco so that they’ll absorb the oil evenly before putting them on the icing. That keeps them from absorbing the oils from the icing in a splotchy pattern.

Burgundy callas and ivy wedding cake.

wedding cake with ribbon borders and green gumpaste ivy with autumn callas

This small wedding cake had burgundy callas and roses with vines of green ivy in gumpaste.

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Rustic icing with pale orange fall leaves

pale autumn leaves cake

This rustic-iced buttercream fall cake had pale orange, green, and brown autumn leaves made from gumpaste on it. It had the same topper that the cake two spaces above this one had, but the looks of the two were very different.

Fall wedding cake with gumpaste leaves and acorns.

square tiered wedding cake with gumpaste acorns and autumn leaves

This square tiered buttercream cake had gumpaste fall leaves, acorns, and berries on the edges of the tiers.

There are a few ways to do autumn leaves for cake decorating, you can read more about that here: Wedding cakes with fall leaves

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