Orchid Wedding Cakes

orchid wedding cake ideas

These cakes had either fresh orchids or gumpaste orchids on them.

Orchids are a pretty economical flower because you can buy a stem that has multiple flowers on it that you can take off and use individually.

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white piped cake with gumpaste orchids

This wedding cake had gumpaste orchids and scrollwork on buttercream. 

I put some silk white luster dust on the fondant ribbons at the base of the tiers to give them some shine.

teal bands with orange orchides square wedding cake

This wedding cake had orange orchids and turquoise bands at the base of the tiers. 

Very simple arrangement, but it shows that color can be the focal point and you don’t have to go crazy with piping etc. 

The bride was going to add a monogram cake topper to this one as well.

chocolate bands wedding cake with green gumpaste orchids

This one had green orchids that were a little larger than usual per the bride’s request. 

There were more orchids on this cake than the one above, which gives it a more lush look. The size of the flowers also contributed to the full look of the arrangements.

Gumpaste orchids are a little time-consuming to make because they need to be wired, but they look really nice on cakes. If you use my sandwiching technique and get a little assembly line going it doesn’t take as long as you think. 

To see wedding cakes with other types of gumpaste flowers, click here.

chocolate bands on white square tiers with green gumpaste orchids

I made these and used confectioner’s glaze to give the petals the waxy look that orchids have. 

The bride’s bouquets had hydrangea and these orchids, and luckily they matched them perfectly.

teal tiers ombre peacock feathers wedding cake

This peacock-themed cake had gumpaste peacock feathers and silver gumpaste orchids.

This next cake was decorated with gumpaste orchids…For the purple ones I started with a purple gumpaste, which I was 100% sure was going to fade out.

gumpaste orchids

Of course, I was right, so after the petals dried I dusted them, then painted them, then dusted them again. 

The first dusting didn’t fill in all of the veining on the petals, so I painted them, but I gave them a second dusting after they dried to make sure they were all a uniform color.

rustic icing wedding cake with blue and purple gumpaste orchids

wedding cake with gumpaste orchids vines

This one had vines with gumpaste orchids on them all over the lower two tiers. For an article about how I put the vines together for this one, click here.

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