Pretty White Wedding Cakes With Flowers

There’s something about a classic white wedding cake that’s a crowd-pleaser.

A white canvas with flowers on it gives you the traditional white cake and will let you match your cake to the color scheme without going overboard.

pretty white wedding cakes with flowers

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white rustic wedding cake with white fantasy flowers

This cake had rustic icing and white gumpaste flowers with centers that had edible silver leaf on the centers. There was some extra silver leaf scattered on the tiers here and there.

Rustic icing is an easy way to ice a cake because you don’t have to take the time to smooth icing out.

It’s something that a cake decorating beginner can do to make a DIY wedding cake if you’re willing to do a little practice and learn how to build a cake the right way!

swiss dots wedding cake with grey and blue gumpaste hydrangeas and white roses

This classic three-tiered wedding cake had buttercream Swiss dots and gumpaste flowers.

If you don’t want fondant on your wedding cake there’s no reason why you absolutely have to have it.

Buttercream is the classic option, and unless you’re having your wedding outside in the summer, it’s the option that most wedding guests will prefer over fondant!

white fondant draping cake with purple gumpste hydrangeas

This white wedding cake with fondant draping is another example of how you don’t have to have fondant covering the cake.

This one was covered in buttercream, and the drapes were made from fondant. The borders were piped buttercream and the flowers were made from gumpaste.

You don’t have to have fondant drapes on a fondant cake, they work fine on buttercream too.

white wedding cake with red gumpaste roses

This white wedding cake had white fondant borders on the base of the tiers, and red gumpaste roses.

I prefer gumpaste flowers to real ones because of the use of pesticides and fertilizers on fresh flowers.

They also won’t wilt, and that’s important for flowers that are more fragile and have thinner petals.

Fresh roses usually hold up pretty well, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

wedding cake with white and blue gumpaste flowers

This little white wedding cake had gumpaste hydrangeas and a white gumpaste peony on it.

Hydrangeas are one of the flowers that are difficult to use on cakes because they’re toxic, and they wilt really quickly without a source of water.

Gumpaste is the best choice for hydrangeas on cakes! Here’s another article with more cakes that feature hydrangeas: Ideas For Wedding Cakes With Hydrangeas

white fondant bands cake with yellow gumapste hydrangeas

This white wedding cake had uneven strips that mimic the look of ruffles, but without the ruffled edges/

The only color on this was a group of focal flowers, which were gumpaste hydrangeas.

This is a clean and modern look that’s soft and feminine, but not too ruffly and girly.

wedding cake with bow

This cake was part of a trio of vintage-inspired cakes for a dessert table.

The large bow was made from fondant, and the flowers were gumpaste with silver centers. The feathers in the arrangement were nested between the flowers and the fondant of the bow to keep them off of the cake.

square offset wedding cake tiers with piped lace and blue daylilies

This square wedding cake with offset tiers had different white patterns piped on each tier, and blue gumpaste daylilies on the corners of each tier.

This was a fun way to keep the cake the classic white color, but to also incorporate the blue wedding theme color.

rustic wedding cake with lavender purple gumpaste peonies

Another rustic buttercream cake, this one had fondant pearls at the base of the tiers, and lavender gumpaste peonies as the color on the tiers.

Fondant pearls are a pretty addition to a buttercream cake because it can add a little shine, and if someone bites them they’re usually soft enough to chew.

They’re not going to break anyone’s teeth, which isn’t the case for those little sugar dragees that are hard as a rock.

fondant applique with overpiping wedding cake

This white cake has flowers on it, but not in the traditional sense.

This one had fondant cutouts in flower shapes and were then overpiped in buttercream.

It gives an effect that’s similar to brush embroidery, and it’s a little visual interest on an all-white cake.

wedding cake with gumpaste orchids vines

This one was pretty because of the contrast between the all-white icing and the lush feeling of the gumpaste orchids.

There was also a stenciled effect in white on the top tiers to provide a little texture and visual interest.

small three tiered wedding cake with three gumpaste exploded roses

This all-white cake was a variation on the exploded rose cake.

I like this one because it was classic white but also had a softer, more feminine edge to it.

Having three expanded roses instead of just one big one made it a little more traditional, but it also gave a small cake a lot of visual interest.

fondant ruffle wedding cake with purple and green gumpaste flowers

Cakes with ruffles are always pretty, and this one stayed true to the softer feeling by keeping the colors of the gumpaste flowers in a softer heather range.

The colors of the gumpaste hydrangeas were dusty green and lavender, so there wasn’t a lot of contrast as far as being really bright.

If these had been primary colors the look and mood of the cake would have been totally different.

ruched fondant wedding cake with pink fondant flowers

This cake had fondant that had been texturized to look like fabric, and pink molded fondant flowers and gumpaste leaves.

Pink is also a classic color for wedding cakes, and adding the pop of green behind them is an addition that visually anchors the arrangement by providing some contrast.

7 tier wedding cake with pink gumpaste hydrangeas

This tall wedding cake had Swiss dots piped in different arrangements on the tiers, and pink gumpaste flowers.

It also had fondant pearls on the base of the tiers, and a little gold heart added to the bottom tier.

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