How To Make Quick and Tiny Gumpaste Succulents For Cakes

Here’s a quick way to make tiny gumpaste succulents that can be used to fill out a larger arrangement.

These are sized well for cupcake toppers or to use as a border around the edge of a cake.

how to make little gumpaste succulents

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Use little cutters.

gumpaste succulents

Start with a set of pointy cutters and cut out three shapes. 

These are daphne cutters but you could also use small daisy cutters with pointy petals to get the same effect with a different final shape.

gumpaste succulents

 Pinch the leaves to thin them out.

gumpaste succulents

Stack them using gum glue or water to attach them together.

gumpaste succulents

Press a veining tool or the end of a paintbrush in the center of the stack.

gumpaste succulents

Curve the leaves up around the stick, then “fluff” them to separate them a little if you need to.

gumpaste succulents

Let them dry on a cookie sheet, they should keep their shape.

If they start collapsing onto themselves the gumpaste might be too soft, so you can dry them in a bumpy mattress foam pad to keep their shape.

mini gumpaste succulents

You can use different cutters with different shaped petals, too, and with polymer clay. Click here for an article about that: Polymer clay succulents

gumpaste succulents

As long as you have three or four different sizes of the shape you can use them to make little layered succulents.

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