Retro Camper Gingerbread Template Printable Download

This template for a gingerbread retro camper trailer was fun to make because it’s a little more complicated than a normal house.

Because the camper had curves, you’ll have to either curve the gingerbread itself before it cools off, bake it in a curved shape, or make it using sections the way that I did here.

To smooth it out, you can apply royal icing to the entire structure after it’s assembled, then cover it with fondant. Or you can just leave it and cover it with candy to make a whimsical camper instead of a realistic one.

free gingerbread retro camper template

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Side view.

This is the side view of the cardboard mockup. You can see the sections as they’re attached so that the straight pieces conform to the curved shape.

When you’re putting this together, you’ll need to stick the top pieces to the sides by resting them on the top. That will keep the structure of the camper and the pieces will stay in place.

If you attach the edges of the top section to the inside of the sides, they might fall down before they’re totally dry and it won’t be as secure.

Front of the trailer.

The very front has a piece that has a little notched section so that the camper will stand up, like a little kickstand. This isn’t a piece on a real trailer, so if you want to make it more realistic you can cut it flat and then support the front by making a trailer hitch.

Vintage trailer front view.

As the pieces go up the top of the camper, I’ve numbered them so that you can see how to attach them.

When you bake the pieces, it would be a good idea to write the number of each piece on the parchment paper cookie sheet liner so that you can keep them organized.

Since the curve of the outside frame has some parts that are more curved than others, the top sections are larger and smaller to fit as you add them to the top. If you get them out of order they might not fit.

Retro camper gingerbread template top view.

If you want to cut windows in the camper, find a photo on Google to see where to place them. You can also add them on by using pieces of fondant so that you don’t have to cut anything out.

Retro camper template back view.

You could also make an “aluminum” trailer by covering the camper in grey fondant and painting it silver using silver luster dust paint.

Details on this camper could include a trailer hitch, window shades, curtains in the windows, a door with steps leading up, and some landscaping around it including grass and lawn chairs.

If you really want to get fancy, you could also make a retro car to match the camper and attach them together!

Retro camper gingerbread template page 1
Retro camper gingerbread template page 2

Click to print out the two pages on regular letter-sized or A4 paper (don’t size the picture to fit the page on the A4.)

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