Simple Gingerbread House Template Printable Download

This is the easiest gingerbread house template there is…A simple to assemble A-Frame with only two shapes and four pieces once it’s cut out.

free simple gingerbread house template

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A-Frame gingerbread house.

This template can be downloaded and printed on a sheet of letter-sized paper or A4 paper.

The cardboard mockup shows how simple the construction of it will be:

simple-gingerbread-house-template pieces cut out
Cut out the pieces.

There are two pieces to the pattern and you’ll need to cut out two pieces of each one, for a total of four pieces.

simple-gingerbread-house-template assembled
Assembled A-Frame gingerbread house mockup.

Assemble this design by attaching the roof sections to the front and back triangles that are the front and back.

A-Frame gingerbread house mockup.

There really aren’t any super complicated tips for this house design, you just have to glue the pieces together!

Since each piece is touching the counter surface, they’ll stay in place until they dry without needing much, if any, support.


This design is good for humid climates since the pieces are basically just propped up against each other to dry, and there isn’t much risk of pieces falling off while the house is drying out.

A-frame gingerbread house template.

Click this button to download the pattern:

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