Super-Simple Easter Cupcakes And Cookie Ideas

A while back I did a thing for Pinterest where we were making tons of quick tutorial videos.

I’ll be the first to say that these were pretty simple, but when I went through them recently there were a few that would actually be good for little kids (or the tired moms of those little kids) to do.

Here are a few of the Easter cupcake and cookie tutorials for Easter treats.

easy easter cupcakes and cookies

Quick edible Easter dessert buffet decoration.


• Cupcake

• Easter bunny peeps

• Jellybeans

• Knife

• Plate

This is a cute and quick decoration that you can use on a dessert buffet, or make a few to use as centerpieces for an Easter egg decorating party.

Start with an iced cupcake and remove the wrapper.

Cut it in half and open it like it’s on a hinge. Put it on a decorative plate.

Add some jellybeans in the center of the halves and press them in, then arrange more to look like they’re spilling out of the center.

Cut the base of the bunny so that you can put it flat on the plate and stick it on with corn syrup.

Put more jellybeans around the bunny and the cupcake.

Easy Easter cupcake decorating idea for little kids.


• Cupcakes

• Pastel candy corn

• Pastel mini eggs

• Chocolate bunny

This is an easy one for little kids to do on their own because it only involves sticking candy onto the icing.

Start by making a little fence of candy corn around the edge of the cupcake.

Stick the Easter bunny in the center.

Add more pastel mini eggs around the bunny and inside the edging.

Use this design along with a few others and let each child decorate 6 cupcakes to take home.

Covering Easter cookies with wafer paper.


• Cookies with a flat crumb-free surface

• Corn syrup

• Edible wafer paper images

• Scissors

Cut out the images to the size of the cookies.

Paint the cookies with corn syrup.

Pro tip… put the corn syrup on the flat side of the cookie that baked against the cookie sheet. It will be easier than trying to fit it onto the curved top!

Use a hard, iced cookie for best results.

Press the images on and let the cookies dry.

Wafer paper is available at

Easter Cupcakes DIY


• Cupcakes

• Peeps

• Mini eggs

• Sprinkles

• Spatula or knife to rough up the icing

This is a simple cupcake craft that would be cute for an Easter dessert. This is something that little kids could do with some help.

Rough up the icing to make it sticky if it’s crusted over. You might not need to do that step of the icing is still sticky.

You can use mini eggs or jellybeans, but if small children will be eating these you might want to skip those to avoid a choking hazard.

If you want to do a tropical flavor you can use lemon cupcakes and coconut for the edges.

Mini cupcakes Easter cross with flowers.


• Mini cupcakes

• Wafer paper flowers

• Spatula

This is a quick way to upgrade a set of mini cupcakes that can be used for an Easter dessert.

You can use edible wafer paper or fondant flowers, or decorate with sprinkles.

Spreading the icing out across the cupcakes will do a good job of sticking them together, and you can remove any excess icing if it’s too much.

Spread the icing flat on the sides to straighten out the shape of the cross.

Wafer paper flowers are available at If you don’t have flowers, you can use coconut or other small candies.

Easy Easter Bunny cupcakes for kids to decorate.


• Scissors

• Easter bunny peeps

• Cupcakes

• Candy for decorating

For a cupcake decorating party, you can do the bunnies ahead then let the kids add the candy, depending on the age range of the children.

When you cut the bunnies, cut up each side to make the arms, then cut off a bit on the base to make it flat.

You can use jellybeans or m&ms, or any other type of small candy or sprinkles.

Kids can make this into the bunny’s dress, or make it into a nest using coconut.

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