The Honeybadger Cake

I did this honeybadger cake for another fan, but I wanted to post some more photos of him from different angles.

You can get the downloadable tutorial on how to make him, or other animals that have a similar shape, on my website here: Honeybadger tutorial.

honeybadger cake

This is the view from the left side…You get a good look at the honeycomb here.

honeybadger cake

Here are his beady eyes, these were made from isomalt.

honeybadger 3D animal cake

honeybadger cake

And the fur on his back. This was made from candy clay that was scored with a knife.

honeybadger cake

And for fun, here’s his mouth without the cobra in it. It was kind of a shame to put the snake in his mouth, but oh well. The teeth, tongue, nose and fur were all made of modeling chocolate.

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