Two Small Gingerbread House Template Printable PDF Files

These simple templates will make small gingerbread houses, one with straight sides and one with angled walls.

These are based on the patterns that we used to make houses every year when I was a kid, so I’ve had them for quite a while!

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Straight-walls small gingerbread house

This pattern makes a house that’s big enough to decorate with a good variety of candy, but not too big that a kid will lose interest.

Basic small gingerbread house template.

You can cut windows and doors in it before baking, and add Christmas cards to the inside for a non-breakable window decoration.

The angled wall version is similar to the notched house template, but it doesn’t have any notches added to it. (When I made the notched house template I added the tabs to the basic pattern.)

It’s not exactly an A-Frame, but it slopes and isn’t totally straight, so it’s kind of a hybrid of the two styles.

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