Unique Ombre Wedding Cake Ideas With Color And Texture

These colorful and unique ombre wedding cakes are some of the ones that I made when I was doing custom wedding cakes. Ombre wedding cakes can be made with the color on the surface of the cake or on the cake flowers, and these are examples of some of each.

unique ombre wedding cake ideas with color and texture

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pink ombre wedding cake with gumpaste dogwoods

This Dogwood cake had pink ombre fondant on each tier, going from dark on the bottom to lightest on the top. The dogwoods were made from gumpaste, and each tier was piped with swirly royal icing that was meant to look like vines.

orange ombre beach themed wedding cake

This fondant cake had an ombre color on the tiers.

I also remember that this one was delivered on a day that was about 103°, and that I got there right as the ceremony was beginning.

As I was setting up I could see the ceremony going on in the background.

On days when it’s this hot, you want to make sure that your cake doesn’t sit outside for too long, and that it’s covered with fondant.

Buttercream will melt and slide right off the cake, so that’s a really bad choice on hot days.

purple ombre candy clay wedding cake

This was a display cake that I made for a photo shoot for a wedding magazine.

It was covered in ombre chocolate clay, and the flowers are made from chocolate clay and isomalt.

I’ve seen this cake in other articles and in other images on Pinterest, and I’m pleased to say that I’m the one who made it and designed it.

I did the chocolate flowers in the opposite ombre so they start dark at the top and go light to the bottom.

The chocolate on the tiers, though, starts dark at the bottom and goes light to the top.

It gives it a nice contrast and makes the design a little more interesting.

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ombre wedding cake purple rustic

This purple buttercream ombre cake was fun to do, because of the tall top tier and the rustic buttercream texture on the tiers.

ombre pink cake

This pink buttercream cake also had a rustic texture, and a large pink gum paste peony on the top tier as an accent flower.

blue ombre flowers cake
tiny white gumpaste flowers

Here’s a photo of a cake where the ombre pattern was created by applying tiny gumpaste flowers to the white cake surface.

I also found a picture of the flowers before I put them on the cake.

The time that it took to make this was basically wrapped up in making the flowers and then sticking them onto the cake to create the ombre color shading.

ombre buttercream stripes and magenta gumpaste peonies

This ombre buttercream cake was made by applying graduated shades of the gold buttercream to the cake in piped lines.

You can read an article about how to make this one yourself by clicking here: How to do ombre buttercream stripes.

ombre teal ruffles wedding cake

This teal ombre cake was done with the ruffle effect that was made from fondant.

To do this one you would start with the lightest color at the top and create ruffles that get darker as it goes to the bottom.

By mixing a little bit of darker fondant into each batch of ruffles, you create the ombre color that’s darker at the base of the cake.

wedding cake with pink ombre ruffles cascade

This pink ombre cake was an unusual take on the color effect because of the way that I did the ruffles on it.

The surface of the buttercream cake had lace piped all over it, and the ruffles were applied with the darkest pink at the bottom tapering up to a lighter color at the top

ombre purple exploded flower wedding cake

I liked this version of the exploded flower cake because of the ombre coloring on it.

Usually when I did these flowers the flower was just one solid color.

In this case, the bride wanted the color to be darker in the center and going out to an ombre fade as you got toward the edge of the petals.

pink ombre and metallic details wedding cake

This cake that was meant to imitate the look of vintage ceramics was made with fondant in in ombre pink base color.

I applied molded silver designs and blue gumpaste flowers on top of that

teal tiers ombre peacock feathers wedding cake
cake and bride

When I used to deliver wedding cakes I usually never saw the bride because she would be off somewhere getting ready for the ceremony.

Sometimes though, the ceremony was at the same place as the reception, and the bride was ready and walking around checking out the reception setup.

If I was lucky enough to see the bride in her dress I was always very excited, and I always ask them to pose with their cake because I didn’t get that opportunity very often.

This blue ombre cake was made with orchids and peacock feathers because that was the decor that the bride had chosen for her reception.

pink ombre wedding cake with bird topper

This pink ruffle ombre cake was made with fondant strips that were ruffled very slightly instead of having them be a really, really ruffly appearance.

It looks like a graduated color all the way from the top to the bottom, but each tier is actually a separate color.

orange and blue ombre ruffle wedding cake

This ombre ruffle cake, on the other hand, was an orangey-pink on the top and blue on the bottom, and the center was a combination of the two colors.

tiny purple flowers wedding cake

This is another example of the ombre effect being done with the flowers on the cake instead of on the cake icing itself.

If you’re doing a DIY wedding cake, this is actually a pretty easy look to pull off.

Plus, you get the benefit of being able to cover up the buttercream, so it doesn’t have to be super perfectly smooth all over the entire cake.

You can make the flowers ahead of time, then put them on the cake the day before so that the cake is ready to display the day of the reception.

I really like the ombre look on cakes because it gives it a little bit of a dimension and you can get some nice color effects. The ombre color gives the cake some dimension and makes the color the focal point.

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