Wedding Cakes With Gumpaste Flowers

wedding cakes with gumpaste flowers

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These wedding cakes all featured gumpaste flowers as a focal point.

small wedding cake with large white gumpaste rose

This wedding cake is a good example of how a cake doesn’t have to be huge to be pretty. 

For this intimate reception the bride wanted something simple, so I did a traditional dot pattern on the tiers and kept the decoration to a minimum. 

The gumpaste gardenia was the focal point and the leaves were the only color on the cake.

minimalist wedding cake with pink gumpaste peonies

This bride wanted a plain white cake with very minimal decorations. 

She chose gumpaste flowers for the top and the sides, and asked that the flowers be very, very pale pink. 

I dusted them with pale pink dust and made the petals darker in the centers than on the outer edges. 

I used white stamens in the centers so that there wouldn’t be any yellow in them.

The bases had no border, they were just iced smooth with buttercream when I set the cake up on site.

Since the cake was set up in the center of the room, I did one flower on each side so that when people walked around it there wouldn’t be one decorated side and one that had nothing on it. 

That’s something that you should be aware of…If a cake will be up against a wall that’s one thing, but if it will be “theater in the round” you’ll need to make sure there’s visual interest on all sides of it.

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buttercream piped textured wedding cake with gumpaste flowers

This wedding cake had fondant/candy clay ruffles on the bottom tier and piped dots on the middle and top tiers. 

Gumpaste flowers on the middle tier in the bride’s colors completed the design.

For the display cake with gumpaste daisies, I did the icing using rough-textured royal icing with some magenta and light mauve petal dust dragged through the icing to create the color on the tiers. 

I had dusted the flowers with those colors so that kept it monochromatic, but then I thought that it was too monochromatic… 

So I added some green and blue stenciled pieces to the tiers to add contrasting colors to the design.  

I used a stencil that had a damask leaf pattern and did portions of it here and there, overlapping the colors in places.

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painted cake with gumpaste gerbera daisies
painted cake with gumpaste gerbera daisies detail

For me, it really brought the design together and gave it some visual interest, as opposed to leaving it so monochrome.

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5 tier wedding cake with blue piping and gumpaste magnolias

This one was a royal icing piped lace pattern, and I had to try out a few combinations of flowers before I got to one I liked. 

These are gumpaste magnolias, and I don’t think this particular cake needed anything else. 

If it had been piped in white you’d be able to add more flowers to it, but the blue makes it difficult to put too much on it without looking too busy.

5 tier wedding cake with blue piping and gumpaste magnolias detail

ombre purple exploded flower wedding cake

This cake had a large exploded/expanded rose on it, with an ombre tint to the petals. 

I liked this one since it was a little different from the usual one-color flower.

To do this, start with the center since it will be the darkest color, then go to the outside petals and do the lightest ones first. 

Work your way in to match the dark color in the middle. 

If you start at the middle and go out you might not end up with enough of the lightest petals unless you plan really carefully. 

This way you can always make some darker if needed, but you’ll definitely end up with enough of the lighter ones.

gumpaste petals with silver tips

The expanded flower cakes are pretty easy to make as far as assembling them, and you can add color to the tips of the petals if you want to put an accent color or a metallic color on them.

These petals had a silver edge, so when the flower was assembled they would be silver-tipped.

orange exploded flower wedding cake

This orange expanded flower also had a bling trim as the border on the cake tiers.

purple calla lilies with buttercream piped scrolls

This cake had dark purple calla lilies on it.

The purple color was made with Crystal Colors petal dusts, since they always give a really good, deep color and good coverage.

small rustic cake with large gumpaste magnolia

This was another design that had a single large gumpaste flower as a focal flower, with rustic buttercream icing.

blue and white gumpaste flowers wedding cake with swiss dots on buttercream

This pretty wedding cake with gumpaste flowers had white sugar roses and grey gumpaste hydrangeas.

The cake tiers had piped dots on them in a Swiss Dot style.

Extra large gumpaste roses wedding cake

This was an order for extra large gumpaste roses that I made for a cake.

I put them on these dummy tiers to show how they would be sized, but the effect of having the big roses on a wedding cake would be a dramatic look, even if the tiers were completely plain.

small three tiered wedding cake with three gumpaste exploded roses

This was one of my favorite “simple” cakes because of the simplicity. The icing was plain iced buttercream with no piping, and the design came from the gumpaste roses.

The entire drama of this design comes from the gumpaste flowers, and it would also be really pretty in a solid color or an ombre color arrangement like the photo of the large pink roses in the photo above.

three square tiers with blue and purple gumpaste flowers

This wedding cake had square tiers and gumpaste flowers that included blue orchids and purple calla lilies.

The tiers were iced in buttercream, and the bands around the base were made from edible chocolate clay.

white piped wedding cake with pink gumpaste peonies

This cake was covered in piped buttercream in a loopy texture, and it had pink and white gumpaste flowers on the bottom tier in a single grouping.

fondant strips cake with purple gumpaste flowers

This cake had irregular fondant strips covering the tiers, and was then brushed with luster dust to give it a pearly shine.

The gumpaste flowers were purple peonies that were brushed with purple petal dust. When you color gumpaste with purple food coloring the color can fade and turn blue, but the purple dust preserves the color without fading.

wedding cake with gumpaste flowers

This was one of my favorite gumpaste flower arrangements because of the color of the flowers.

To get the deep magenta color, I used Crystal Colors petal dust and dusted the flowers with multiple shades of magenta and purple.

The buttercream piping on the cake was done in an ombre design with the deeper shade of cream at the bottom and fading to white at the top.

peony_and_lilac_cake with rustic icing

This wedding cake had rustic icing and pink gumpaste peonies with white lilacs as a filler flower.

I have a tutorial on how to make the gumpaste peonies available, click here to see that: Gumpaste Peony Tutorial

white ruffle cake with pink orange gumpaste peonies

This wedding cake has fondant ruffles and gumpaste peonies.


This one had red gumpaste roses and fondant draping on the tiers.

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wedding cake with red gumpaste rose cascade

This small wedding cake had a classic cascade of red gumpaste roses on it.

This is a pretty and traditional style that works well for a classic wedding reception.

gumpaste flowers on a wedding cake

This wedding cake had a lot of gumpaste flowers on it in shades of white, pink, and purple.

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