Wedding Cakes With Pearls

These pretty wedding cakes with pearls range include all white with flowers, colorful, and elegant. The inspiration designs will give you ideas for a tiered cake for your reception.

Fondant pearls are the most realistic because they can be shaped individually and dried, then dusted with luster dust to give them the sheen.

They can also be made in different colors to match a wedding color theme, or piped with buttercream icing, but those won’t be as perfectly round.

ideas for wedding cakes with pearls

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White wedding cake with pearl borders.

white wedding cake with piped swirl band and red and white roses and pearls

This wedding cake had white buttercream piping and fondant pearls around the base of the tiers.

The red and white gumpaste flowers were the color on the top of the cake and the sides of the tiers.

Lavender fondant draping wedding cake with pearls.

lavender bows wedding cake with pearls and diamond imprint in buttercream

This wedding cake had buttercream designs piped all over it, with a combination of fondant pearls and gumpaste flowers.

The fondant draping and ribbons were dusted with lavender pearl dust.

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Octagonal wedding cake with chocolate pearls.

hexagonal wedding cake with chocolate pearls and piped designs

This octagonal wedding cake had very pale pink fondant, piped and textured fondant designs, and white and chocolate fondant pearls.

Piped buttercream pearls wedding cake.

pearls and swirls wedding cake with pillars between all tiers and gumpaste flowers

This version of the classic “pearls and swirls” design (that’s what I started calling it because it was so popular that I made it a lot) has piped pearls on the middle tier, large scrollwork on the top tier, and tiny scrolls on the bottom tier.

Piped buttercream wedding cake with pearls.

pearls and swirls wedding cake with pillars and gumpaste and fresh flowers

This was another pearls and swirls design, with a buttercream monogram on the top tier of the wedding cake.

Gumpaste roses and fondant pearls wedding cake.

white swirls and pearls cake with gumpaste roses topper

Yet another version of the pearls and swirls, this one had fondant pearls in two different sizes (8mm and 6mm fondant pearls.)

Piping with pearl borders and square tiers wedding cake.

square pearls and swirls wedding cake with purple bow topper

This three-tiered square wedding cake had fondant pearl borders and piped buttercream designs.

The fondant ribbon and bow topper were made from white fondant and dusted with purple petal dust so that the purple color wouldn’t fade.

White fondant wedding cake with gumpaste flowers and pearls.

gumpaste applique wedding cake with leaves and pearls

The pretty wedding cake in this photo and the next was based on a wedding dress design that had a lot of applique and pearls on it.

gumpaste applique wedding cake with leaves and pearls

It was a combination of gumpaste leaves, flowers, and ivy, plus white fondant pearls.

Applique wedding cake with pearls.

fondant flower applique wedding cake with pearls

This version of the applique cake was made in buttercream with fondant pearls and flowers instead of so many leaves.


Plain white wedding cake with pearl borders.

plain pearls wedding cake

This might look like a really simple cake, but cakes that are totally flat can be really difficult to accomplish. If the icing doesn’t want to smooth out, you’ll get lap lines.

This wedding cake had little Swiss dots piped on the top edge of the tiers, and fondant pearls at the base.

Gold wedding cake with pearls.

little gold wedding cake with fondant pearls and sequins

This little gold wedding cake had pink and white fondant pearls, gold leaf, and gumpaste sequins on it in a random pattern.

Geometric piped wedding cake with pearls.

pearls and piping cake

This buttercream cake had a geometric pattern carved into the icing and piped on the surface with fondant pearls in the pattern.

Lace wedding cake with fondant pearls.

lace and pearls tall wedding cake

This lace-piped wedding cake had fondant pearls on the base of the tiers other than one, which was more heavily piped with buttercream lace.

Hexagonal wedding cake with silver pearls.

hexagonal cake with fondant pearls and fresh flowers

This hexagonal wedding cake is another version of the pearls and swirls design, but it also has silver fondant pearls at the base of the tiers.

For wedding cakes with hydrangeas, click here.

Silver wedding cake with pink and silver pearls.

silver piped and tiers wedding cake

This silver and pink wedding cake had buttercream piping that was painted with edible silver luster dust, and pink and silver fondant pearls.

Swiss dots and pearls wedding cake.

round wedding cake with pink gumpaste daylilies and roses and pearls

This pretty and simple wedding cake had piped Swiss dots and fondant pearl borders.

The flowers on this one were gumpaste.


Pink rolled roses and oval fondant pearls.

pink cake

This wedding cake had oval fondant pearls. Click here for a tutorial on how to make this wedding cake design.

Rustic glam wedding cake with pearls.

rustic wedding cake with lavender purple gumpaste peonies

This pretty rustic glam wedding cake has rustic buttercream icing, gumpaste peonies, and fondant pearls.

Three-tiered jewel wedding cake.

purple jewel cake

This wedding cake had three tiers with fondant pearls and other jewels. They were painted with purple luster dust to give them a shine.

Square wedding cake with green buttercream and pearls.

white and green vintage wedding cake with pressed sugar topper urn

This square wedding cake had green and gold accents, with white fondant pearls on the top and bottom tiers.

The top tier has a sugar vase topper with gumpaste flowers.

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