Wedding Cakes With Ruffles

Wedding cakes with ruffles

These are some of the wedding cakes that I made that had ruffles on them.

Ruffles can be made from fondant, gumpaste, wafer paper, or a combination of fondant and candy clay.

Each material will give you a different look, and will make cutting the cake more or less difficult!

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wedding cake with ruffle bottom tier and piped poem
wedding cake with ruffle bottom tier and piped poem with bird toppers

This wedding cake had a Bible verse piped on it plus lace and a bottom tier covered with little fondant ruffles. The topper was a handmade set of bride and groom birds.

To make these ruffles you need a lot of little fondant rounds, which you can make ahead and freeze.

wedding cake with pink ombre ruffles cascade

This wedding cake was based on the bride’s dress, which was covered in ruffles that had a slightly pink tinge to them. 

I did white chocolate fondant ruffles that cascaded down the tiers and opened in the front to show the piped lace that was on the bodice of the dress. 

The ruffles were brushed lightly with pink petal dust to make the bottom darker than the top.

grey and white ruffle and lace wedding cake

This wedding cake was grey buttercream with white lace piped on to match the lace from the mother of the bride’s wedding dress. 

The bride also had some of the lace incorporated into other areas of the reception and she wanted to include it on the cake. 

The bottom tier was covered with white chocolate fondant ruffles.

tall wedding cake with red ruffles and gold gumpaste peony

This wedding cake had red and orange ombre ruffles in the bottom tier with a gold gumpaste peony and green leaves. 

The bottom and middle tiers were taller than the top tier, and there was going to be a topper. 

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yellow and white ruffles and small flowers wedding cake
small gumpaste flowers

This cake had white chocolate fondant ruffles on the bottom tiers and little blossoms all over the top tier.

ruffle wedding cake with yellow wafer paper flowers

This cake had white chocolate fondant ruffles and wafer paper flowers and leaves, both wired and unwired.

For a tutorial article for this style of ruffle cake, click here.

If you’re going to make large unwired wafer paper flowers, be aware that gum glue can make the paper curl. Don’t do them the day before you need the flower in case you have to add more petals to them to make up for the curling action! 

I had to add more petals to the yellow flowers to make them wider after the gum glue curled them up.

buttercream ruffle cake with red and white gumpaste flowers

This little wedding cake had buttercream ruffles. I piped them on with a rose tip, then added the gumpaste flowers.

I like the way this looked, even though the ruffles aren’t as thin as the gumpaste ones. It’s very fluffy…

white ruffle cake with pink orange gumpaste peonies
gumpaste peony

These four tiers of loveliness had fondant ruffles and raspberry gumpaste peonies. 

It was ruffly and fabulous! 

And the bride’s mother was surprised that the flowers were sugar because she spent the evening thinking that I’d used real ones even though I said that I don’t like pesticides. So that went well.

ombre teal ruffles wedding cake

This ombre ruffle wedding cake was done in shades of teal to match the wedding color scheme.

fondant ruffle wedding cake with purple and green gumpaste flowers

This pretty ruffle cake had gumpaste hydrangeas in blue and green on the edges of the tiers.

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vertical ruffles with black fondant sash and red gumpaste flowers

This wedding cake had fondant ruffles running vertically down the tiers.

It also had a black fondant ribbon with gumpaste roses on it, plus more on the topper.

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