Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

Winter wedding cakes can incorporate a lot of design elements, but some that are requested the most are classic cold-weather themes like snowflakes and snowmen, and dark, rich colors like deep red, burgundy, and forest green.

Sparkly effects using glitter and metallics are also popular, along with cakes that have formal elements like stenciling and structural piping designs.

These are some of the cakes that I made when I was doing wedding cakes, all fitting the winter theme.

best winter wedding cakes

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A whimsical topsy turvy wedding cake.

topsy turvy red roses wedding cake

This buttercream-covered wedding cake had topsy turvy tiers, wavy carved edges, and dark red gumpaste roses between the tilted tiers. Sugar pearl berries filled out the gaps and added a shiny touch.

Stenciled black and white square tiered wedding cake.

stencil wedding cake black and red

This wedding cake with square tiers featured buttercream tiers on the top and bottom, and a black fondant-covered tier in the middle. The middle tier had a quilted effect with fondant pearls on it, and the top and bottom were stenciled with black buttercream on the white tiers.

You can get the cake stencils on Amazon here: Damask Cake Stencil Set

Red buttercream and silver bling wedding cake.

square tier wedding cake red piping and gumpaste flowers

This square tieres wedding cake had silver bling wrap around the bottom of the tiers and red gumpaste roses on the top and corners of the tiers.

I piped a red swirling pattern on the corner of each tier to continue the color scheme.

Pretty little hexagon wedding cake.

red rose wedding cake

This is one of my favorite wedding cakes that I ever made for some reason. It was a small hexagonal cake with a simple piped swirl around the center of the tiers.

The bunches of red gumpaste roses were placed in a cascade-type design on the tiers and on the top tier.

The bottom border was piped with a leaf tip to give it a ruffly effect.

Icy blue waves wedding cake.

blue waves wedding cake

This wintry wedding cake was covered in fondant, then painted with food coloring in an icy blue wave pattern. I piped royal icing borders around the waves and then put some snowflake-type piped designs on the other tiers.

This was finished off with a gumpaste bow on the top tier.

For more wedding cakes with bows and ribbons, click here.

Silver and white winter cake.

silver rope bows and callas wedding cake

This silver and white pillared cake had nautical details and silver drapes and calla centers.

Winter cakes often use a lot of metallics, but they can also include details that aren’t necessarily “winter” specific.

For more cakes with pillars, click here.

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Gumpaste poinsettia wedding cake.

white wedding cake with poinsettias

This Christmas wedding cake had gumpaste poinsettias and fondant pearls on it. Other than that it was pretty plain, leaving the flowers to be the full focal point of the cake design.

Rustic wedding cake with white and silver flowers.

white rustic wedding cake with gumpaste fantasy flowers

This tiered wedding cake had swirly white icing and white gumpaste flowers with silver centers. It also had flecks of silver on the tiers to add to the icy effect.

Silver painted piped lace wedding cake.

white and silver wedding cake

This tall wedding cake had piped buttercream lace that was painted with edible silver paint to give it a metallic relief effect.

There was also a silver bow at the base of the second tier, and a simple piped snail trail at the base of the tiers.

White tiered wedding cake with isomalt detail.

white and blue wedding cake

This wedding cake had a black band at the base of two tiers, and a large isomalt brooch on the center tier. It was brushed with pearl dust to give it a shiny effect.

There was a monogram on the top tier and a gumpaste bow topper, and the alternating tiers had piped diamonds and fondant pearls.


Winter snow cake with crystal topper.

square coconut wedding cake with crystal topper

This square wedding cake had loose coconut on all of the tiers to imitate a snowy look. The topper was made of wired crystals that extended out of a tube that I’d inserted in the top tier.

The cake table was decorated with silver and crystal garlands.

Silver and white pearl and lace wedding cake.

silver and white wedding cake

This geometric effect wedding cake had strings of fondant pearls and lace medallions that were applied to the pearls in different places.

Some of the spaces created by the pearls were painted silver to match the painting on the pearls.

Snowflake topsy turvy wedding cake.

crooked snowflake cake topsy turvy wedding cake

This topsy turvy wedding cake was white-on-white with royal icing and piped snowflakes.

Topsy turvy cakes look like they’re leaning, but the way that I did it was just an illusion. Each tier was built flat on the one below it, and then the sloped edge was built up to make it look like they were leaning. The cake was as straight as a normal cake, so there was no risk of the tiers sliding!

Red roses and snowflakes cake.

red roses and snowflake wedding cake

This simple winter wedding cake had royal icing snowflakes and red gumpaste roses with silver painted edges.

For more snowflake wedding cakes, click here.

Eyelet wedding cake.

red roses and lace overlays wedding cake

This classic wedding cake had a double layer of fondant that was overpiped with an eyelet detail, and red gumpaste roses with green leaves.

This cake would be pretty for any time of the year, but the red and green is especially fitting for a Christmas wedding.

Shiny pearl details and glittery sugar wedding cake.

white wedding cake with sprakly sugar borders and fondant cutouts

This winter wedding cake had bands of fondant that were covered with glittery sanding sugar on each tier. I added strings of small fondant pearls in swirling patterns and some cutout flowers that also had the sanding sugar on them to the tiers.

Wedding cake with red ribbon.

red ribbons with red fresh roses wedding cake

This fondant wedding cake had a red satin ribbon on the base of each tier and fresh red roses on the top.

White piped wedding cake with fresh red roses.

white buttercream wedding cake with piping and fresh red roses in pillars

This wedding cake with white piping and real roses on the top and between the tier with pillars is a nice way to use fresh flowers without breaking the bank.

If you put real roses between all of the tiers it can add up as far as price goes. Doing it this way gives you the effect without all of the cost.

Icy grey square tiered wedding cake.

silver and white wedding cake square tiers with bow topper

This square tiered cake had tiers that were turned to be offset, with grey bows and sashes and silver pearls.

If you want to have an offset tiered cake, the tier sizes need to be sized specifically to do that, or you won’t be able to turn them enough!

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Silver and gold fondant ribbon wedding cake.

wedding cake with gold and silver metallis fondant ribbons

This wedding cake had a double-barrel bottom tier, which means that it was twice as tall as a regular tier.

The fondant ribbons were painted silver and gold using edible metallic food coloring paint.

Silver bling and red rose petals wedding cake.

red roses exploded flowers with bling wrap on the wedding cake tiers

This wedding cake had a silver bling wrap on alternating tiers, and an exploded red gumpaste rose that stretched from the top to the bottom of the cake.

Black and white with red roses wedding cake.

red roses and black piping wedding cake

This wedding cake had red gumpaste roses on each tier, with piped black details on the icing.

Black and white were a popular recurring color scheme for winter weddings. Don’t be afraid to use black icing on your cake, if you do it the right way it won’t bleed!

White-on-white stencil wedding cake.

stenciled white wedding cake

This simple wedding cake had a white damask stencil on the buttercream tiers. (You can get the stencil on Amazon here.)

Silver painted details wedding cake.

silver piped and tiers wedding cake

This wedding cake had piped details and a faux silver tier. The top tier had silver and pink fondant pearls and the piped details were painted silver using edible paint.

Gumpaste branches and red berries wedding cake.

wedding cake with gumpste twigs sticks

This wedding cake had plain white tiers with brown gumpaste branches that had glittery sanding sugar on them.

The sticks stood up off of the cake to give it a 3D effect, and there were little red gumpaste berries on them.

Chocolate and gold wedding cake.

gold and brown wedding cake

This wedding cake had a chocolate clay bow on the top and bottom tier, and chocolate pearls with a gold monogram on another tier.

There were gold fondant stripes on alternating tiers to give it a metallic look.

Any of these wedding cakes would be great for a winter wedding, but they could also work for other times of the year. I hope that they gave you some ideas for your own winter wedding!

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