About me

decorating a big cake with gumpaste flowers

I’m Kara Buntin, and I own A Cake To Remember LLC, which is an online cake decorations and supplies business. I used to own a custom wedding cake business for 20 years, and now I bake for fun (and to eat bread and cookies.)

I have a certificate in Pastry Arts and I like baking more than cooking. I’ll be adding recipes to this blog, including some of the ones that I used in my wedding cake business.

For my main website where I sell printed wafer paper, cake decorations, and silicone fondant molds, go to ACakeToRemember.com. That’s where I have a blog that’s specifically about the things that I currently sell, so the wafer paper and silicone mold articles are mostly over there. For baking and cake decorating articles, this is the place to be.

If I sell a product that I use in any of the projects on this blog I’ll link to it in the article.

Find me online at acaketoremember.com

Wafer paper at Goimagine

Youtube: Cake Decorating tutorials and product demos

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